Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The best way out is always through. Robert Frost

I can believe those of you who knew I was blogging here to help me with the process of staying focused the rest of my life are probably casting a weary eye on this blog with a bit of disbelief. Where has she been? Oh right, she is trying again! Will she ever stick to anything? Now what?
Believe me, I have been riding a roller coaster of life this fall with work and the lapband. I have been doing a great deal of driving to schools all over the state (about 1,000 miles a week sometimes) and with driving comes "convenience stores". That is so right on. Convenient to grab something "sinful" to snack away the miles. Staying in hotels with no workout facilities (they don't know that concept yet in some of the remote and rural places we go). So after a day of sitting behind the steering wheel or sitting in a classroom watching teachers, I sit some more and work until I am tired enough to go to sleep. Not exercising again!
I do continue to order healthy choices when we eat out and the band works when I eat slowly, take my time to let the band tell me I am full, and just do it right. But the exercise is a challenge.
"The best way out is always through!" I know I have gained ten pounds because when I went to the endocrinologist in November I had to step on the scales. All clothese still fit but there is a certain snugness in the belly and that wretched roll around by middle is bigger than ever. So what shall I do about it. "The best way out is always through." I need to set a goal and although my dear best friend, my husband, is skeptical of my plan, I do believe I must set the goal in order to prove I can do this. The best way out of "not exercising" is through "exercising". Now this is the hard part. My bucket list includes walking a half marathon. Vince lovingly says "then just walk 13.1 miles around Mitchell." He is not a real crowd lover and doesn't get into sports so it is difficult for him to understand the "roar of the crowd". I need cheerleaders and "rah-rah" to get me through. In addition, I have a colleague who just lost her seven-year-old to Cancer and I can't get this dreaded disease off my mind. SO. . . I am going to contact Sanford Health and see if I could plan a 1/2 marathon in Sioux Falls for Cure Kids Cancer Foundation at the Children's Hospital.
It would be something for me to work on, like I have nothing else to do. I would have to train for it, cause I would have to complete the marathon! I just feel compelled to do this. Each of us who is walking could take pledges, like $10 a mile. It just so happens June 5 is a Sunday and I will be 64 and 1/2 years old on that day. I wonder if it is possible. Love to all of you and continue to love fiercely all those you love and smile at those you don't know as they will wonder what you are thinking and they might smile back.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

And the beat goes on!

I am alive and well but I can't believe it has been two months since I posted to my blog. Well, that isn't exactly true as I can believe it but I am not satisfied with my neglect. Magdalyn was born on the 10th of June, Great Grandpa (my father-in-law of 24 years and always thereafter) died on June 17th,Dillon and I went to a college world series game on June 22nd in Omaha on the drive home from Michigan, Dillon and I flew to Atlanta to go to a Braves game on June 27 and a game at the new Target Field on June 28th, I went to my 45th High School class reunion on July 19th and there were numerous excursions in between! I have had fun but I am not certain I know how to rest.
My staff and I have been back at work for 10 days and I am already exhasted with all day workshops, driving over three hours a day in most circumstances, and it doesn't help that I broke a bone in my foot while in Michigan.
South Dakota and Mitchell in particular is having a very rainy summer. The temperatures are warm and we are not used to the high humidity. The mosquitoes are monsterous in size and one can't sit outside for fear of being carried away by the critters. The crew is putting new metal roof on our home. We are replacing the original roof of over 90 years and I have much compassion for the crew up there in the heat. Vince tore down the chimney on the garage (we think someone lived in the garage in the early 20's while they built our home) and today they readied the garage for a roof. We have had over 4 inches of rain in one hour and numerous storms with wind in the 70 mph range. The weather is strange. While I was driving in the fog last winter and spring, the old ranchers would predict heavy moisture in 90 days. Well, they were right.
I plan to get back on track with everything this week. I rode my bike out to my son's house (five miles away) a week ago on Sunday when it was 95 degrees. Crazy but good for me, I think. I haven't been on the scale but clothes are fitting just fine so I think I am OK. Hope to keep you better posted on the rest of the story, until then. . .

Monday, June 14, 2010

What a wonderful world!

I arrived home on Saturday and went from one joyous event to a bit of problem at my son's house. Let's just say, 7 inches of rain in two days makes for issues in septic fields and basements. Vince has been out there pumping water frantically since the kids had an anniversary trip planned to Memphis and left in the dark (water over the road south of their home) for the airport on Saturday morning. The carpet has been ripped out of Dillon's room and today I sprayed down the floor seam with vinegar and chlorine crystals to squelch the mold. It just keep raining. Hopefully, Kevin and Vicki can relax and have an enjoyable time away. We will be there to help with the reconstruction later.
Meantime in Minnesota, the little girl went to the Doctor this morning and she has gained six ounces since birth. I am knitting bonnets, quilting a small quilt for her, and plan to make a diaper bag for mommy. See the other blog for pictures.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It is a girl!

More later today but Magdalyn Anna was born a few minutes after midnight today (June 10). She is fine and mommy and daddy are doing well.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Pictures of my boys

The pictures of the boys in Minnesota finally got downloaded. We spilled the bubbles but we had fun. Both of the little guys love to ride their bikes.
The other picture is of my son and his three boys on Mother's Day. These are the 3 Ds I talk about so much. I am a really blesed grandma, baba, and mom.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Round Peg, Square Hole

I have been having a great time spending time with my two little guys in Minnesota since Friday. Mommy and Daddy left on an airplane on Saturday morning for a little break and we have marching to the beat. Let's just say, this random abstract Baba is having to "hut hut" to the beat of this household. First off, the bugle sounds when Z wakes up and announces it is time to get up. I am used to setting the alarm and then pushing the snooze atleast twice each morning. Not so in Minnesota, it is time for breakfast. And there is a routine, down the steps from bedrooms to the main level of the house where the dogs know it is their turn to have attention. They are standing by the slider waiting for dismissal. One goes on the rope so that she doesn't wander off and the other one waddles down the steps for relief. Back to the boys, they are great breakfast eaters and you start with a banana. One banana broken in half but "don't take off the strings, I do that" I am told. About that time, I see the forlorn noses of the two dogs waiting to come in. And once in, they go to their bowls. What? You didn't put a full scoop in Bailey's bowl and a 3/4 scoop for Elly? What is the problem. Don't forget the 1/4 portion of some pill for Bailey in the morning. Back to breakfast, now it is time for cereal. This is a problem because the request is for oatmeal squares and that box does not fit on the shelf so the box has been disposed of and we have two bags of cereal with clothespins holding them shut. I do not recognize the content of either but the two year old does. "This type of cereal needs milk" I am told. When the banana and cereal are almost gone, we select the option of yogurt. Oh yes, I must give options for most things. That is the way we do it. While eating breakfast, I ask G what we should do while Z is at preschool. "We could go to Jimmy John's, that is daddy's favorite." Well Daddy isn't with us so that isn't an option. "How about Taco Bell, I love tacos". Note, it will be between 9 and 11:30 am when we have do find something to do. Love it! Time to get dressed for the day. "Z, can you go get your underware out of the dresser?" "You mean "skivveys", Baba?" "Yes, that will be fine." And that is the way the day begins. You have to understand these are the children of an engineer and a financial analyst so there is little random in their lives. Tonight while watching Dancing With the Stars with me, "my option", we were watching the phone call antics of the stars and Z puts his fingers up to his ears and says, "ring, ring, Baba? Could you watch my kids? I am going to California?" I just about split my sides laughing at this one. Lesson learned last time I was here, sleep when they do. We had a three hour nap this afternoon. Time for bed!