Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The best way out is always through. Robert Frost

I can believe those of you who knew I was blogging here to help me with the process of staying focused the rest of my life are probably casting a weary eye on this blog with a bit of disbelief. Where has she been? Oh right, she is trying again! Will she ever stick to anything? Now what?
Believe me, I have been riding a roller coaster of life this fall with work and the lapband. I have been doing a great deal of driving to schools all over the state (about 1,000 miles a week sometimes) and with driving comes "convenience stores". That is so right on. Convenient to grab something "sinful" to snack away the miles. Staying in hotels with no workout facilities (they don't know that concept yet in some of the remote and rural places we go). So after a day of sitting behind the steering wheel or sitting in a classroom watching teachers, I sit some more and work until I am tired enough to go to sleep. Not exercising again!
I do continue to order healthy choices when we eat out and the band works when I eat slowly, take my time to let the band tell me I am full, and just do it right. But the exercise is a challenge.
"The best way out is always through!" I know I have gained ten pounds because when I went to the endocrinologist in November I had to step on the scales. All clothese still fit but there is a certain snugness in the belly and that wretched roll around by middle is bigger than ever. So what shall I do about it. "The best way out is always through." I need to set a goal and although my dear best friend, my husband, is skeptical of my plan, I do believe I must set the goal in order to prove I can do this. The best way out of "not exercising" is through "exercising". Now this is the hard part. My bucket list includes walking a half marathon. Vince lovingly says "then just walk 13.1 miles around Mitchell." He is not a real crowd lover and doesn't get into sports so it is difficult for him to understand the "roar of the crowd". I need cheerleaders and "rah-rah" to get me through. In addition, I have a colleague who just lost her seven-year-old to Cancer and I can't get this dreaded disease off my mind. SO. . . I am going to contact Sanford Health and see if I could plan a 1/2 marathon in Sioux Falls for Cure Kids Cancer Foundation at the Children's Hospital.
It would be something for me to work on, like I have nothing else to do. I would have to train for it, cause I would have to complete the marathon! I just feel compelled to do this. Each of us who is walking could take pledges, like $10 a mile. It just so happens June 5 is a Sunday and I will be 64 and 1/2 years old on that day. I wonder if it is possible. Love to all of you and continue to love fiercely all those you love and smile at those you don't know as they will wonder what you are thinking and they might smile back.


Lonicera said...

Sylvia! How lovely to hear from you again! It sounds like a great idea to commit yourself in advance to something you can't get out of. If you organise the sponsorship bit online where PayPal is one of the payment options, I'd be delighted to sponsor you from England. It won't be much, but I'd like to. I've occasionally sponsored friends, and the online method offering many types of payment option seems to encourage most people to donate. From over here I think PayPal is going to be the best option. Anyway - give it some thought!
(I'm dragging my heels a bit too, but unlike you haven't bitten the bullet with exercise - so you could be my inspiration!)
New Year hug

Sara said...

I think this would be a great idea. I would walk that with you!

DocSly said...

Oh how wonderful to hear from two dear ladies, Caroline and Sara.

Michelle said...

First I have to say your look GREAT!! I just had the lap band done in Oct. of this year. I am looking forward to following your blog and reading more about your journey!!

Tina said...

well hello!! I'm glad you are back on the blog! The traveling is a killer but your 1/2 marathon sounds like a great goal. All that fitness will make the work easier don't you think?

:) xxxooo

Lonicera said...

How are you Sylvia? Will you write a post sometime??