Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Pictures of my boys

The pictures of the boys in Minnesota finally got downloaded. We spilled the bubbles but we had fun. Both of the little guys love to ride their bikes.
The other picture is of my son and his three boys on Mother's Day. These are the 3 Ds I talk about so much. I am a really blesed grandma, baba, and mom.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Round Peg, Square Hole

I have been having a great time spending time with my two little guys in Minnesota since Friday. Mommy and Daddy left on an airplane on Saturday morning for a little break and we have marching to the beat. Let's just say, this random abstract Baba is having to "hut hut" to the beat of this household. First off, the bugle sounds when Z wakes up and announces it is time to get up. I am used to setting the alarm and then pushing the snooze atleast twice each morning. Not so in Minnesota, it is time for breakfast. And there is a routine, down the steps from bedrooms to the main level of the house where the dogs know it is their turn to have attention. They are standing by the slider waiting for dismissal. One goes on the rope so that she doesn't wander off and the other one waddles down the steps for relief. Back to the boys, they are great breakfast eaters and you start with a banana. One banana broken in half but "don't take off the strings, I do that" I am told. About that time, I see the forlorn noses of the two dogs waiting to come in. And once in, they go to their bowls. What? You didn't put a full scoop in Bailey's bowl and a 3/4 scoop for Elly? What is the problem. Don't forget the 1/4 portion of some pill for Bailey in the morning. Back to breakfast, now it is time for cereal. This is a problem because the request is for oatmeal squares and that box does not fit on the shelf so the box has been disposed of and we have two bags of cereal with clothespins holding them shut. I do not recognize the content of either but the two year old does. "This type of cereal needs milk" I am told. When the banana and cereal are almost gone, we select the option of yogurt. Oh yes, I must give options for most things. That is the way we do it. While eating breakfast, I ask G what we should do while Z is at preschool. "We could go to Jimmy John's, that is daddy's favorite." Well Daddy isn't with us so that isn't an option. "How about Taco Bell, I love tacos". Note, it will be between 9 and 11:30 am when we have do find something to do. Love it! Time to get dressed for the day. "Z, can you go get your underware out of the dresser?" "You mean "skivveys", Baba?" "Yes, that will be fine." And that is the way the day begins. You have to understand these are the children of an engineer and a financial analyst so there is little random in their lives. Tonight while watching Dancing With the Stars with me, "my option", we were watching the phone call antics of the stars and Z puts his fingers up to his ears and says, "ring, ring, Baba? Could you watch my kids? I am going to California?" I just about split my sides laughing at this one. Lesson learned last time I was here, sleep when they do. We had a three hour nap this afternoon. Time for bed!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Over Two Hundred Pounds

No me, silly! I have to show all of you the beautiful artistry of my husband. Vince is a man who believes in the beauty of handtools and handcrafted wood items. He has a pretty nifty shop and he has just completed what I believe to be one of his most magnificent projects. In the winter we discussed his next project and I asked him to build a "sideboard", "buffet", or whatever it might be called. I wanted it made of oak to match our table and chairs in the front dining room of our home. We measured the spot where I wanted to place it and we discussed my needs. I wanted drawers for placemats, napkins, and napkin rings and such. I wanted closed places to store serving pieces. Finally, we arrived at a top which would secretly (not a secret anymore) lift where I could place my silverware chests. He set to work in February and what we believe to be over 400 hours later and much careful measuring and cutting, you see the finished product. It is completely wood except for the piano hinge and the door hinges. The drawer slides are wood and all of the dovetails and joints are hand cut and formed. He is truly a craftsman. His skills are quite good even though he is most humble about it all. I love it and wanted to share it for all to see.