Friday, April 17, 2009

My other blog

My quilting blog is Nola wants to win! I am so excited to give away two of my projects. Some lucky friend is going to be happy!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Reddirt Woman Is One of My Heroes

You Color Your Life With Vibrant Warmth
You are light hearted and have a sunny disposition. You live a life of gratitude.
You are open and adventurous. You're interested in young people and what's new in the world.

You don't carry any emotional baggage with you through life. What's done is done, and you've moved on.
You start every day fresh. You are optimistic about what's to come.

How Do You Color Your Life? Helen had this on her blog and I loved it so I had to do it for me.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

101st Post - I have a gift for you!

This is my entry into Onederland posting. What a silly celebration but I so intended to live the band through this blog. I feel so blessed to have begun a blog relationship with so many wonderful people. Some bandits, some not! Doesn't matter to me as I feel you support when I write and I hope you benefit a bit from my blogging remarks.
For those of you who don't know, I have a quilting blog as well. I have just begun this creative endeavor in the past year as well. I have always been a knitter but I now enjoy the whole idea of fabric. I am a tactile person and it keeps my fingers out of my mouth and lessens my eating time, so it is beneficial.
In the quilting world, people have a giveaway on their 100th blogversary. So. . . I would like to incorporate that into my bandit world. I promise I won't send you chocolate! I will wait one week from today, April 23rd, and I will have my daughter draw from the names of all of you who comment on this blog entry. The winner will get a surprise from my quilting and knitting closets.
Sara and Beth have already entered. I love to give gifts, so here is your chance to win something from my heart! Bring on the comments!!!!! You don't have to be a bandit to win, come on there are loads of followers to comment.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Wonderful Easter

Vince and I had a wonderful Easter together. We drove to Platte to have dinner with the Ringlings. They are always so kind to include us in their family holidays. It was a chance to watch our three South Dakota grandsons run around the yard searching for eggs. They had a great time. I ate a bit more than I should have in the line of sweet desserts and salads but it tasted so good. I cut back on calories today to balance the diet. Been quilting up a storm to stay out of the kitchen. Dawson is using the phone, Dayton is always smiling, and Dillon is thinking about his new game.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ready to Speak

I have been asked to speak at a Blue Ribbon School celebration today. This is the new dress I bought instead of a pink suit. I love the dress as it is a size 16 and the little lycra knit shrug was an extra. The top of those arms, you know. I had Vince take a picture because I couldn't believe what I saw in the mirrow. Feels good!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Have I Told You Lately?

I love going to the Rec. Today I saw four very good friends at the Rec working out. The first one walked over to where I was cross training and gave me a big hug and said, "you are looking good". He is the father-in-law of my trainer and we have been friends for years. He is a former DCI guy and is built of muscle and our age. What could I say? He knows how hard I have tried to lose weight for the past three years and so I said, "working on it". Then another friend who is tiny tiny and is now addicted to exercise saw me. She just hugged me and told me how great I am doing. T has gone through some really tough times in her life and is such a focused person. Her faith has gotten her through the last couple of years and I respect her so much. She understands addiction and my addiction has been food. Another friend who has conquered cancer was exercising and she, too, gave me a thumbs up. What do you say to someone who has had cancer about just losing weight! She is the one who is doing great. Finally, a former student from the University met me and as we passed in the snow she leaned in and said, "by the way, I meant to tell you the other day, you are looking so good". That prompted this blog post. I want to shout from the mountains, "YES, I am looking good." But, what if I jinx myself. This whole mental attitude is so much a part of our struggle with weight. I have to love and respect myself enough to keep going. I just want to watch those grand babies grow up and enjoy my family for years to come. The whole motivation is health! But looking healthy and well is such a nice thing.
To be able to go into a department store, pull a size 16 dress off the rack, put it on, and look remarkably well. That is a celebration. That is visible to me also. Have I told you lately how great I feel. Don't let me down little band. I am depending on you to get me through this and keep me on track. By the way, it is snowing! Touch South Dakota tulips in the snow. Same hot tub, second storm.

Friday, April 3, 2009

10 Sticks of Butter

I feel like a meteorologist these days, constantly listening for when it will snow again. We are due for more inches this weekend. Oh well, I will exercise inside and do some quilting.
I went to the Rec this morning to see if Thomas would weigh me. Yes Nola and Caroline, it has been more than a week. I had weighed on our home scales and it said 198. I know they are about three pounds heavy so when I couldn't find Thomas I got out the electronic scales and did it myself. 196! Yeah, I broke the barrier. Two weeks and 2 and 1/2 pounds. As in earlier blog posts-10 sticks of butter! Yee Hah! The boiled eggs and grapefruit are helping with the burn.
I know I am losing inches right now however. I needed a new pair of shoes and who would believe it, I have lost another 1/2 size there too. Strange how our bodies change.
I have a new stretch for those of you who are trying to tighten the abs. I didn't know I had abs until about two months ago. They were hidden under the flabs. Anyway, get out the big exercise ball. I love mine. Stretch over the top of it and get yourself situated so that the ball is under your shins just below the knees and your hands are straight down to the floor under your shoulders. When you are ready, keeping your legs stiff and your back straight, hike your butt toward the ceiling while at the same time rolling the ball down to your ankles. Slower lower and roll on the ball back to the knees. Try doing this 10 times, slowly. It really tightens the mainframe. I would capture it for U-Tube but it would be rated X-tra Hilarious. Better left to your imagination.