Thursday, April 16, 2009

Reddirt Woman Is One of My Heroes

You Color Your Life With Vibrant Warmth
You are light hearted and have a sunny disposition. You live a life of gratitude.
You are open and adventurous. You're interested in young people and what's new in the world.

You don't carry any emotional baggage with you through life. What's done is done, and you've moved on.
You start every day fresh. You are optimistic about what's to come.

How Do You Color Your Life? Helen had this on her blog and I loved it so I had to do it for me.

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Reddirt Woman said...

Wow... thank you so much. I've never thought about being anyone's hero before... I am so honored. I've been fighting the flu or a spring cold and haven't gotten around to my reading, or writing, for that matter. Thank you so much. I'm just thankful to have found you in this wonderful blogsphere we hang around in and I hope we can continue encouraging each other, even at a distance.