Friday, April 3, 2009

10 Sticks of Butter

I feel like a meteorologist these days, constantly listening for when it will snow again. We are due for more inches this weekend. Oh well, I will exercise inside and do some quilting.
I went to the Rec this morning to see if Thomas would weigh me. Yes Nola and Caroline, it has been more than a week. I had weighed on our home scales and it said 198. I know they are about three pounds heavy so when I couldn't find Thomas I got out the electronic scales and did it myself. 196! Yeah, I broke the barrier. Two weeks and 2 and 1/2 pounds. As in earlier blog posts-10 sticks of butter! Yee Hah! The boiled eggs and grapefruit are helping with the burn.
I know I am losing inches right now however. I needed a new pair of shoes and who would believe it, I have lost another 1/2 size there too. Strange how our bodies change.
I have a new stretch for those of you who are trying to tighten the abs. I didn't know I had abs until about two months ago. They were hidden under the flabs. Anyway, get out the big exercise ball. I love mine. Stretch over the top of it and get yourself situated so that the ball is under your shins just below the knees and your hands are straight down to the floor under your shoulders. When you are ready, keeping your legs stiff and your back straight, hike your butt toward the ceiling while at the same time rolling the ball down to your ankles. Slower lower and roll on the ball back to the knees. Try doing this 10 times, slowly. It really tightens the mainframe. I would capture it for U-Tube but it would be rated X-tra Hilarious. Better left to your imagination.


Lonicera said...

I enjoy your descriptions of life in the snow - the only reason I "hate" snow is because I have to travel to work and the disruption is so great. If I could work from home I would appreciate it a lot more. Fortunately in Bristol it very rarely snows.
Good for you getting down to 196! (cue envious sigh). I'm writing this still wearing my pyjamas (I know, it's 11.30 a.m.!) putting off going to have my shower because I weigh myself on Saturdays and I'm not looking forward to it much. There were too many (American style) muffins left over from meetings last week...

Nola said...

Awwwww I want to see the video!! :)
Unfortunately those sorts of exercises are out for me and my "dicky" back!! Fantastic news about your weight going down again....well done!!

Reddirt Woman said...

I was just thinking yesterday about trying to learn to do some exercises to strengthen my core. I was going to talk to my niece about working with a big ball because I know she has exercised with one and really enjoyed what it did for her. Now I'm going to have to do it. It just seems like it would be less stressful on 'older' bodies because one would have to control their moves a bit more.

Thanks for the exercise tip! And congrats for breaking that 198 barrier. You get my "Atta boy, Girl" for keeping after it and not giving up.


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