Saturday, June 27, 2009

Where did June go?

So it is already June 27th and although it is officially summer, I have yet to really feel like it has begun. Thanks to all of you who responded about Zachary. He was a trooper and until the time I left early Friday morning, he seemed to be having little pain with the throat. His voice is a different pitch but I think that is normal after throat surgery. He was taking full advantage of juices and cold treats. Can't blame him. The pictures above were taken in Michigan by Grandma Gayle of the boys.
While I was in Waconia, Allison, the boys, and I toured the new birthing environment. Nothing like it was 36 years ago, ladies. Jet spa tubs in each suite, molded sinks for the baby's first bath, WiFi for waiting moms and dads, and couches long enough for even the tallest dads. I was very impressed with the facility.

Allison asked for me to make more of the boutique burpees. We bought some fabric while I was there and I came home and whipped up 13 of the burpees. They are quite nice, very soft bamboo cotton and Allison has a knack of selecting some rather bold and bright fabrics to lay on the shoulder. I will take the completed ones back to her next week when we go up for a holiday.

Last night we went to the kick-off event for Dillon's teachers' cancer foundation. Mrs. Morgan has started a foundation to support individuals with some of the very simple things they might need when diagnosed with breast cancer, like transporation to and from treatments, etc. It is called "You'll Never Walk Alone". The quilt we donated was there and she will continue selling chances until October 17th. We have already sold over $500 of chances and I hope it brings $1000.

Today I exercised at the Rec. Mentioned to my friend that once I have done that, I can "quilt without guilt". I didn't run today as my knees are giving me some grief. Walked on the treadmill and biked for a time. Our back yard is so beautiful right now. I am inserting a picture of Vince and I in front of a clematis we planted just one year ago.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Just reading the blogs

It is quiet here in the Waconia house. Allison and Kevin left for the hospital with Zachary about a half hour ago for his tonsil and adenoids surgery. I have been connecting with my blogger friends and catching up on their stories. My mind wanders as I think about our little guy going into surgery at 8:30. He has been sleeping on his back with his arms above his head for a long time, snoring. The specialist says that indicated he is trying to get more air. I would rather be walking into surgery anyday before my husband, children, or grandchildren. I think it is easier to be the patient that the waiting family.
Zachary came down to wake me this morning and we just snuggled and cuddled for a long time. He has one small freckle on his wrist and I always tell my guys those are "angel kisses". Today was the first time he heard the story. As I was telling him, I was silently praying everything goes well this morning and he handles the "hurt" afterward well.
I have memories of Kevin, at the age of five, standing in the hospital crib with high bars just shaking the crib with his crys for mommy. Both Allison and Kevin had tonsilectomys when they were preschoolers but I believe they were both older than Zachary.
Garrett and I will spend the time waiting together. He will keep me occupied with his "why" and "yup" replies. I am so lucky to have five beautiful grandsons.
I have been changin' up my exercise the last few days. I have been trying to use the beautiful outdoors for my space. I jog (just quickly putting one foot in front of the other) for 30 seconds and then walk for 30 seconds. Try to keep this up for 20 minutes. In our heat (finally) and humidity that seems to make me sweat. And that is a good thing.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Down Memory Lane

I was looking through some pictures today and found this one of me and my favorite cousin, Nancy. This was taken at the wedding of my foster sister, Shirley. Nancy is about two years younger than I am I believe. It is certainly a take on the early 50s. My mother made certain my hair hung in ringlets that were perfectly twisted around her finger. I had to sleep on those pink rubber curlers to make it work. Nancy and I have remained close our entire lives. She lives in The Woodlands near Houston. I think this picture caught my eye because I believe that was the last time until now that I could cross my legs. It is a good feeling to be able to do that.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

And more on life

It has been too long since I have sat down long enough to share my thoughts. It is not good for me. I need this outlet and quite frankly, I need to take the time to share as it leads me to goal setting and dealing with daily stuff better. I have putting off going to the Rec and having Thomas weigh me. Putting it off because I have been eating at my stressors, not finding the time to exercise once a day, let alone twice as I need to for weight loss, and just avoiding the reality. I stayed the same and that has been over five weeks. I just lost 35 days of time I could have been moving down the scale but instead treading water to get by.
I do believe we finally have enough contracts in place to cover the full salaries of all of my staff. That has been a huge weight for the past three months. The economy is just rotten and it seems like in South Dakota, we have to fight for every penny to support schools and teachers. Shouldn't be that way!
The son of one of my teacher colleagues committed suicide last Friday night which brought back much emotion in another dear friend and her daughter who dealt with a suicide of their ex-husband and father. The young man was the nephew of another dear friend. I find this type of tradgedy very difficult to understand and I really don't know how to try to comfort or support those left behind.
Allison called to tell me her dad was in Tulsa with a very dear friend of ours, saying his "goodbyes". You know that saying - some people come into our lives and we are forever changed? Well, Jim was that person for me. I first met Jim and his family in 1967 when we were newly weds and moved to South Dakota and entered the military life. Jim was a most handsome man, a real teaser, and one of the kindest individuals I have known. I loved his first wife and their two young children. Jim and his wife, Annie, came to Allison's wedding in Tulsa and I was so touched that they would attend. Seeing Jim's smile erased the 20+ years gone by. Jim gave me a nickname "Mickey" because of had very long hair, put it up in a ponytail on top of my head and the hair fell out around my head like mouse ears. I can still hear him calling my name. I am so glad Randy was able to be with his family at this time. Jim entered heaven yesterday afternoon and I will forever love and remember him as a true friend.
There has been some very great news as well. Dillon's teacher, Mrs. Morgan who has been battling cancer this year, nominated him for Leadership in the People to People program and he was accepted. What an honor for him and his parents. Dillon is truly a very remarkable young man and is most deserving of this opportunity. Do I sound like a proud grandma?
I am anticipating some time off as I have completed my contract obligations until July 1 and the new year. I exercised twice yesterday and have alreadly gone once today. I must kick this NOW. Need your prayers. Oh, and I have decided that I don't have any short bandit friends as the pants won't travel.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mostly About Life

I can't believe I haven't posted as I have been reading and commenting on other blogs and just realized it has been almost 10 days since I have written on my own blog. Very fascinated with my blogging and bandit friends.
Vince and I dug up some lilac bushes on the spur of the moment on Saturday morning and then jumped in the car and drove the 300 miles to my brothers' house to give them away. Coincidently, we arrived in time to be able to attend the Gaither Vocal Band concert at the Target Center in Minneapolis. It was absolutely fantastic and brought back so many memories. The vocal talent of these people is phenomenal and it was truly an inspiration to attend.
On Sunday morning, we helped plant the five garbage bags full of lilacs. It felt so great to be outside and bending over without losing breath because the fat in the middle got in the way. We had to rush off after brunch to return to Mitchell so that I could be on campus in time to help set up for the Laptop conference our agency was hosting.
For the past two days I have been hanging out with some of the greatest people on earth, teachers. People who care about children are the best. It is always an upper for me to connect with these professional friends. The only problem has been that we have had chocolate in dishes at the registration table and I have had the munchies. Oh well, back to straight and narrow on Thursday.
My buddy, D, has been helping me and just having a blast getting to know some of my friends from Kansas and Maine who are here presenting at the conference. D has been a very great helper and people are very impressed with his ability to relate to adults. His mom and dad should be proud of him and his behavior. I know I am. The conference will be over tomorrow and then one day of visiting schools and then I go on a quilting trip.