Saturday, June 27, 2009

Where did June go?

So it is already June 27th and although it is officially summer, I have yet to really feel like it has begun. Thanks to all of you who responded about Zachary. He was a trooper and until the time I left early Friday morning, he seemed to be having little pain with the throat. His voice is a different pitch but I think that is normal after throat surgery. He was taking full advantage of juices and cold treats. Can't blame him. The pictures above were taken in Michigan by Grandma Gayle of the boys.
While I was in Waconia, Allison, the boys, and I toured the new birthing environment. Nothing like it was 36 years ago, ladies. Jet spa tubs in each suite, molded sinks for the baby's first bath, WiFi for waiting moms and dads, and couches long enough for even the tallest dads. I was very impressed with the facility.

Allison asked for me to make more of the boutique burpees. We bought some fabric while I was there and I came home and whipped up 13 of the burpees. They are quite nice, very soft bamboo cotton and Allison has a knack of selecting some rather bold and bright fabrics to lay on the shoulder. I will take the completed ones back to her next week when we go up for a holiday.

Last night we went to the kick-off event for Dillon's teachers' cancer foundation. Mrs. Morgan has started a foundation to support individuals with some of the very simple things they might need when diagnosed with breast cancer, like transporation to and from treatments, etc. It is called "You'll Never Walk Alone". The quilt we donated was there and she will continue selling chances until October 17th. We have already sold over $500 of chances and I hope it brings $1000.

Today I exercised at the Rec. Mentioned to my friend that once I have done that, I can "quilt without guilt". I didn't run today as my knees are giving me some grief. Walked on the treadmill and biked for a time. Our back yard is so beautiful right now. I am inserting a picture of Vince and I in front of a clematis we planted just one year ago.


Reddirt Woman said...

Glad that Zach is doing good. No matter how many times people say don't worry, you still do. It's the mom and grandma thing.

Beautiful clematis. It's one of my favorite flowers. I've got 5 started here since we moved here two years ago and am going to put even more in. Of course, as you know, when you get a good perennial started you can enjoy them for years with very little care.

Vince is a handsome fellow even without a smile, and look at you! I can tell by looking at your face you've lost more weight. Great shot. Enjoy your holiday next week.


The Dash! said...

So glad everything went ok for Zachary... we always worry for the little tykes no matter what is going on their lives.
Pretty flower in the background! I don't recognise it but it has flowers of my favorite colour.. purple (or are they royal blue?)
Nice pic of you and Vince too! Lovely smile you have :)

The Dash! said...

Me again!! lol Weetabix is the UK version of our weet-bix as I understand it. I imagine the ingredients would be similar if not the same and I've never eaten them but I'm pretty sure they would taste as yum :) Hope this helps

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad Zachary is healing well too and also glad you liked the pictures. I had wonderful subjects who gave me lots of photo ops!

Enjoy your weekend in the cities!

Nola said...

Quilt without guilt"....I love that:) I have caught up on your last couple of sound so well and happy which is great!!
Love the photo

Lonicera said...

Um - burpees? Internet describes them as the most hideous and uncomfortable exercise ever devised by a sadist, but I can't imagine you making one with fabric... So please could you explain??