Monday, July 6, 2009

Boys, Boating, and Baseball

Vince and I returned today from a wonderful weekend in Minnesota. We left on Thursday for Allison's house. We walked almost four miles that evening around her neighborhood in the heat and humidity and I did it.

On Friday, we took the boat out and the picture is current (yes, I mean moving water and taken on Friday). I can't believe I was bouncing around on a raft behind the boat. What fun! I also tried twice to get up on the water skis but the old bum knee (hurt snow skiing) warned me that I might want to continue my land exercise program and I had to give up. Don't have the strength I had 30 years ago. Oh well, wouldn't have even tried 50 pounds ago!

Friday night we went to the first 8 innings of a 16 inning game between the Twins and the Tigers. The Tigers won in the end but I had a delightful time watching Zachary and Garrett learn about Baba's favorite sport.

On Saturday we went into Chanhassen to the car show (Vince loved it) and the carnival. There were so many families and it was a beautiful day. After naps, we took our dinner and went to the boat. We watched the fireworks over the water. I have never been within 300 yards of the launch pad (it was on the island) and the sound and sight was breathtaking. I have a picture of the boys on their daddy's lap watching the show.

Yesterday, we took to the water again. I so miss the water as I lived in Michigan while growing up and we were always near the beach. The kids have a really nice boat and we spent from 10:30 am until 4:00 pm on the boat and swimming in the lake. The picture is of Allison and the boys bobbing together. We had such a great time.

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The Dash! said...

What a glorious time you seemed to have :) Love the fact you got out there and had a go..