Friday, July 24, 2009

A History Lesson

On December 5th, 1946, I was born in Hillsdale, Michigan. My great aunt Alta lived in this house in Hillsdale. It looked much the same on this trip as I remembered it (big and very nice). I lived with my father and mother, who were teachers in Quincy, Michigan on US 12 (east Chicago). It was a very busy road as it originally was the stagecoach road between Chicago and Detroit and became the main road in the early 1900's. That house has not really changed much at all. The two windows on the lower front were the living room where I remember watching the Republican convention where Eisenhower was nominated for President in 1952. I was in Kindergarten and we had a brand new black and white TV. I wasn't able to take a picture of my grandparents' house on the farm where I spent much of my time while mom and dad were at school. It was a mile south and east of town and is now a corn field.

My other grandparents lived in Hudson where my dad had been born. We visited Hudson and here is a picture of their home. I can remember many summers sitting on the screened in porch on a glider sofa and listening to my grandfather whistling in his rocker. Their house used to be covered with a shingle type siding that looked like bricks. Grandpa always had a new Chevrolet or Buick parked under the carport that has been removed. I always slept in the bedroom at the top of the stairs or the window on the left above the living room.
I have to go to bed now so that I am ready to drive Dillon and I to Denver for our summer baseball game. More later.


The Dash! said...

I love these gorgeous American style homes - we don't get many of these over here in Australia.. in fact I don't think I've ever seen one.

Have fun at the baseball game :)

Lonicera said...

Aaah - a verandah and columns with steps leading down to a garden... how beautiful. Whenever I see those classic US houses made of timber with big porches I imagine myself living in one...
Thanks for sharing.

Nola said...

Yes, like Dash, I love those houses. We just don't have them here. I loved your history lesson and am looking forward to more~