Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A History Lesson - the people

I have been busy with work and not had a chance to continue my story about our trip. I wanted to show you a picture of my brother and cousins. The first one is of my brother, cousin Gary who was the 65th birthday boy, and me. I am the short one. My brother has my dad's vivid blue eyes and reminds me of my dad in facial expressions. However, my dad would never have dressed like John. I don't think my father owned a pair of blue jeans. Dad did have a mustache at times in his life and he preferred pink or yellow polyester slacks, shirts and ties. We actually buried dad in his blue and white cotton boxers that you could see through the pastel trousers most of his elderly life. We loved him just the way he was. My cousin Gary also looks like my Uncle Sherman that I loved.

The next picture is of Mary Lou and I. She is 6 months to the day younger than I am. When we were both a year old, Mary ran after a kitten in the driveway and my uncle accidentally ran over her. She has always had a very drawn face but is most lucky to be alive. She lives with her husband and son and was most happy to see us. She was very close to her mother who died a number of years ago and she called this past week to tell me how lonesome she gets and how much she appreciated our visit. Tugs on my heart!

My mother had one brother, Uncle Sherman and I have one brother. John is nine years younger than I am. His 54th birthday was two days after we visited Gary last week. I remember well the day he was born.

The rest of the people we visited last week are buried in Michigan. I am very interested in collecting information about my genealogy and work on it in my spare (LOL) time. Someday I hope my children want to read about their ancestors.

Last, but not least, I want to share a picture of my buddy at Coors Field in Denver a recent shot of the three Ds. We had a great SHORT baseball trip this year. We already have next year planned. D1 is an awesome big brother. D2 loves the mule and tractor and don't you just love the expression on D3?


The Dash! said...

You always seem to have the most heartfelt trips - and then write about it beautifully. I'm so happy you had a nice time and got to see the people you love.

dillweed said...

hey grandma, that is a really nice picture of me, dawson, and dayton, i had a really good time, thanks so much! Love, Dillon

Lonicera said...

I absolutely love genealogy too - it's been such fun researching by internet - I only wish the technology would reach Argentina, so I can look things up there... Enjoyed the pix, thanks for sharing.

Leslie @ Lamberts Lately... said...

HI There,

I just saw your message about doing a blog makeover...I'd love to help! Just email me at and we can get started!

Nola said...

I love the way you write! You look so great in your photos too:)