Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Oh the Itchies!

I have an allergy to paper tape and so when I have surgery they are alert to that. I have no rash or blisters but I do believe I am reacting to the steri-strips. The plastic surgeon performed normal suttures internally but the entire 10-12 inch incision is covered with steri-strips. New meaning for butterfly queen! I have been itching terribly for the past three days. It subsides periodically but when it is flaring it is terrible. I called the Doctor today and talked to his nurse. She was so nice and asked Vince to investigate for rash or blisters. There are none but if I scratch like a monkey I could change that. She suggested benadryl, so now I am a doped-up ape trying to scratch. I know better but you all can have sympathy while I vent. I have had itchiness when I am healing before but this is ridiculous.
Otherwise, I feel no soreness unless I roll on my side in the night and then I wake up with the pulling sensation. I have been working at home so that I can wear the surgical bra and relax when necessary. I will drive to the office tomorrow for a board meeting and then I am taking a few days off to travel to Michigan.
Actually, my brother and sister-in-law are going to drive as well. John and I have a cousin (my mothers' brothers' son) who will turn 65 on Monday. I haven't seen his dad's funeral in 1995. That is way too long for first cousins! Gary's sister, Mary Lou, is six months to the day younger than I am. Gary tells me she is not in good health so I plan to stop and see her on Sunday when Vince and I go to my early childhood stomping grounds. I want to look up some graves for details in my genealogy work. I hope someday my children appreciate my work but for now, I am having fun reconstructing some history.
I was thinking today that I lived half of my 62 years in Michigan and soon I will have lived over half of my life in South Dakota. Just wanted to let everyone know how well I am feeling and thank you for your concerns. Until. . .


Reddirt Woman said...

Now you have me empathy itching for you, Sly. I'm allergic to adhesive in bandaids. So far the paper tape I've used isn't too bad, but I hope that is the only thing you are having to deal with...

Enjoy your trip and bring home stories to share.


The Dash! said...

Ouch. Allergies to anything is painful.. I hope you sort it soon... and yes.. have a wonderful trip (you always seem to :) Look forward to you sharing.
I worked out the kilos/vs stone thing. Its almost 2 and a half stone lost for me or 34.5 pounds lost. Not too shabby I think :) Take care
Cara x

Lonicera said...

I started to itch just reading it... You're a terrific Pollyanna, Sylvia, you have such good attitudes to everything. I also wanted to thank you on your blog for the lovely message you left me on mine - I too empathise with your problems, I think if we met one day we'd never stop talking!!
Thank you many times.

Nola said...

Just caught up on your last few posts!! So pleased everything went well with the operation. I absolutely love the photo of you behind the boat too!
I am allergic to sticking plasters of different types too. When I had lapband I put the cream on that I use for my ezcma rash in the crooks of my elbows. It is only a very light 1% skin cream....but it seemed to relieve the itching.