Friday, February 27, 2009

Six Months and 197 pounds

A new low and I am on a new high. It was six months ago today that I had the banding and I have lost a total of 46 pounds in six months. My blog friend, Helen, asks if we bandits only think about food as we go through these experiences. I will admit that when I am out and I have to order, I contemplate what it will be. But then I am home, I just need to plan three balanced meals each time I eat and then chew and eat more slowly.

I had hoped for at least a pound this week but with all the stress going on about our Educational Agency and the state funding that has been cut, I am a bit of a basket case and it is clear to me that I still eat at stress. An old habit that jeopardizes my success. Thomas explained that stress acts on your hormones and then it just causes your body to hold water and fat.

I took a risk and had Vince take a picture this morning. First of all, the hot pink t-shirt in my early pictures was a 2X. It is in the wash but it now hangs like a dress on me. I still love to wear it to exercise in. However, the new pink t-shirt that I have on today is just an XL (catch the "just"). I got in honor of my grandson's teacher who is fighting breast cancer. I put it on this morning and dared to wear it as a short dress for the camera. Get a load of the legs (white as snow falling outside). The adoring dog in the picture is my Abby (an English Cocker Spaniel).

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I can't eat chicken. It will go down but it comes right back up. I don't know why I keep trying. I was in Pierre today listening to the legislative testimony about education (that is enough to make one up-chuck). We went to lunch and I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich and took it apart. Cut the chicken, lettuce, and tomato into very small bites and started to eat very slowly. I chewed a significant amount of time and swallowed. I almost didn't make it to the ladies room in time.
Maybe I will lose two pounds this week as it seems like I am taking in a much smaller amount of food each time I eat. I suppose that means the fill is working to my advantage.
On a brighter note, I am know able to easily wear a size 16 pair of slacks. I will take a picture on Friday as that will be exactly six months since banding.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


That Thomas, he is such a sport. He gave me a high five even though I didn't hit the 195 mark he had set. I can't be unhappy with a pound and one half. I then went to see Dr. Glatt and on his office scale I weighed 202.3 He again told me how proud he was of me and was smiling the whole visit. I did get a fill. Up to 5cc in the band. Now two days of liquids again to let it settle. I finally remembered to ask him what his goal was for me. He said a BMI of 30. Holy cow!!!! I quickly got the Blackberry out of my purse and that would mean he wants me to go to 159 pounds.
It is really interesting because Thomas and I had talked about that this morning and he said there was no way I should go below about 150 pounds.
When I start to eat regular foods again on Friday I have decided to time my eating meals. I eat too fast! Habits are hard to break. I am just going to really work on that. I am on a real high today. I feel good and I also know I am losing inches right now even though the scale is not dropping faster. Just remind me that a pound a week is good.
I have read that to calculate the minimum number of calories you need you multiply your current or desired weight in pounds by 10 if you're a woman, 11 if you're a man. This number represents your basic calorie needs. 197 X 10 = 1970 calories
I also know it takes 3500 calories to build one pound. I also know I am not supposed to count calories but. . . if I eat around 1600 calories a day (370 calories less) and exercise once (200 calories burned) that equals around 500 calories a day and when one multiplies that by 7 days in a week, one should lose 1 pound a week.
Enough with the math! I just know that in 12 months I could reach Dr. Glatt's goal. I think it is safe to say, that in a year and one half, I could lose 100 pounds. That is long term goal. I need to set a short term for my benefit. I think I will try to weigh 192 on St. Patrick's Day.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Feeling Sorry for Myself

Why is it that food is tied to so many of our celebrations. No candy for Valentine's Day and not even a dinner out. It wouldn't serve the situation well to go out and pay for a meal that one can't eat. Chocolate is such a challenge for me. I love the taste.
I finally got the grant off my desk and that is a huge relief. That stress drives me crazy and I found myself eating at it. I tried to eat the right things, but I was not on a three meal schedule, none the less.
I can tell I am losing inches right now but the scale isn't moving like it once did. I only want one or two pounds a week but it is getting harder. I really wonder if I had a schedule that allowed me to exercise every morning and every evening, if it would make a difference. I just can't seem to get my body out of bed at 6 am and go to the bike or the rec.
My thyroid specialist lowered my script for thyroid and I seem to be cold and sleepy again. I am warm once I start to exercise but then I get so cold when I am done.
Well, enough of this rattling. I go see Dr. Barth on Wednesday and I will be elated if his scale is close to the 199 mark.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I still really do not like pictures

I asked Vince to take picture last week and I am still not happy looking at myself. I can see the fat around the middle and it really bothers me. Maybe it will be motivation. Watched the Biggest Losers tonight and that certainly is. I had an important meeting today and I noticed that for a time I was eating at the stress. When will I learn?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

February Goals

Weighed in with Thomas this morning. I know it is not Wednesday, nor is it Friday, he just said, "today". So two of those ugly pounds are gone and I am back in Onederland. I have an appointment with Dr. Glatt on February 18 which is exactly 25 weeks from surgery. So, Thomas set my goals! I gave him permission since he has been my physical trainer for almost two years now. He says that on February 18th, he wants me to weigh 195 or 194.5. He says, I can do it. I have been trying to exercise for 40 minutes twice a day and in order to drop 4.5 pounds in 13 days, that is really what I will have to do. I just wish I believed in myself as much as other people believe in me.

So my February goals are: to eat no pieces of chocolate from a beautiful Valentine box (or any other container for that matter), to drink more water, to exercise twice a day every day I can, and to lose six pounds.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Road to Healthy

Beth, a blog pal, send me a quote from Richard Simmons, "if you don't quit, you can't fail". It really set me to thinking about this journey. My destination is "HEALTHY" and as long as I don't lose sight of that, I must stay on the road. Now just as in life, sometimes when we travel, we have to take a detour, make a wrong turn, or just plain hit a pothole, we still have the destination in mind. A book that really had an impact on my life was Stephen Covey's book, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. I often think of the habit - begin with the end in mind. I began this journey with the end, HEALTHY, in mind. I must consider the past few days, a detour. But now I am back on the road to HEALTHY. I really hope that when I weigh tomorrow, that can of Crisco has been thrown out the window and I am back in Onederland.

Monday, February 2, 2009

So Let's Just Say, "Back to Business!!!"

Well, the fun is over and boy, did I make the best of it! I literally blew the last 8 days of January like it was old behavior, BIG TIME. So it is "back to business for this bandit". I exercised mid grant writing this afternoon and as soon as I write this post, I am going to exercise again. Two a days for the next seven. Also, there will be no SNACKING! Just a piece of cheese or something mid whenever is over! What happened to my discipline that knows 3 small meals a day and lots of water in between. And, I could go on. Last Friday when I weighed in, I had left Onederland in the dust by a pound. You know, I can't even remember if it was one or two pounds now. I just know it said 20? !!!!!!!!!!!!! I was really disappointed in myself. Another 12 hours in the car, but this time I didn't do too badly. I just know I am now back in control and the saddle is tighter than a week ago. I wonder why?