Monday, February 2, 2009

So Let's Just Say, "Back to Business!!!"

Well, the fun is over and boy, did I make the best of it! I literally blew the last 8 days of January like it was old behavior, BIG TIME. So it is "back to business for this bandit". I exercised mid grant writing this afternoon and as soon as I write this post, I am going to exercise again. Two a days for the next seven. Also, there will be no SNACKING! Just a piece of cheese or something mid whenever is over! What happened to my discipline that knows 3 small meals a day and lots of water in between. And, I could go on. Last Friday when I weighed in, I had left Onederland in the dust by a pound. You know, I can't even remember if it was one or two pounds now. I just know it said 20? !!!!!!!!!!!!! I was really disappointed in myself. Another 12 hours in the car, but this time I didn't do too badly. I just know I am now back in control and the saddle is tighter than a week ago. I wonder why?

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Beth said...

Atta girl, you can do it.

I posted a thought for the day yesterday that I got from Richard Simmons: If you don't quit, you can't fail. :)