Friday, February 27, 2009

Six Months and 197 pounds

A new low and I am on a new high. It was six months ago today that I had the banding and I have lost a total of 46 pounds in six months. My blog friend, Helen, asks if we bandits only think about food as we go through these experiences. I will admit that when I am out and I have to order, I contemplate what it will be. But then I am home, I just need to plan three balanced meals each time I eat and then chew and eat more slowly.

I had hoped for at least a pound this week but with all the stress going on about our Educational Agency and the state funding that has been cut, I am a bit of a basket case and it is clear to me that I still eat at stress. An old habit that jeopardizes my success. Thomas explained that stress acts on your hormones and then it just causes your body to hold water and fat.

I took a risk and had Vince take a picture this morning. First of all, the hot pink t-shirt in my early pictures was a 2X. It is in the wash but it now hangs like a dress on me. I still love to wear it to exercise in. However, the new pink t-shirt that I have on today is just an XL (catch the "just"). I got in honor of my grandson's teacher who is fighting breast cancer. I put it on this morning and dared to wear it as a short dress for the camera. Get a load of the legs (white as snow falling outside). The adoring dog in the picture is my Abby (an English Cocker Spaniel).


Mom said...

Congrats, Sylvia! 46 pounds is an amazing amount of weight loss. It is a slow going process but you're sticking to it and it is showing....Pretty in pink! Sorry, I haven't been around commenting lately..can't seem to wrap my head around things happening...putting words together to make a complete sentence is even difficult. But, have to say, I admire your must be so proud........XO, Pat

Nola said...

Well done!! That is an amazing amount to lose in 6mths. I hope I can be as successful. I love your photo!! and I love the shirt:) That dog of yours is tooooo cute for words sitting all cute on the stairs:) Keep up the good inspire me!!

Reddirt Woman said...

Thanks for the answer. I see by the comments that Nola does stop by and reads you. She has been having trouble with dealing with feeling like she's hungry all the time. I thought I'd pass your site on to her, but she already reads you.

I'm thinking you are pretty wonderful to share your experience so others can learn and be inspired by you.

Thanks for sharing.