Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I still really do not like pictures

I asked Vince to take picture last week and I am still not happy looking at myself. I can see the fat around the middle and it really bothers me. Maybe it will be motivation. Watched the Biggest Losers tonight and that certainly is. I had an important meeting today and I noticed that for a time I was eating at the stress. When will I learn?


Reddirt Woman said...

Seems like when we finally realize what's causing our bad habits it takes a lot longer to unlearn them that it did to get comfortable with them in the first place. I'm glad you were able to find some trumpet vines for your area. They really are easy, they come back each year and even if you have to mulch them a bunch for winter, they so pay off in their beautiful displays.


Nola said...

I think that photo of you is beautiful !! We are our own harshest critics you know!

Nola said...

Oh....and have a look at the picture over on the right...the difference is there to see!!!
And another thing.....I LOVE that jacket...when you get sick of it I will send you my address!! :)