Thursday, February 5, 2009

February Goals

Weighed in with Thomas this morning. I know it is not Wednesday, nor is it Friday, he just said, "today". So two of those ugly pounds are gone and I am back in Onederland. I have an appointment with Dr. Glatt on February 18 which is exactly 25 weeks from surgery. So, Thomas set my goals! I gave him permission since he has been my physical trainer for almost two years now. He says that on February 18th, he wants me to weigh 195 or 194.5. He says, I can do it. I have been trying to exercise for 40 minutes twice a day and in order to drop 4.5 pounds in 13 days, that is really what I will have to do. I just wish I believed in myself as much as other people believe in me.

So my February goals are: to eat no pieces of chocolate from a beautiful Valentine box (or any other container for that matter), to drink more water, to exercise twice a day every day I can, and to lose six pounds.


Nola said...

You will do it....I have every faith in you!!!

Lonicera said...

Get thee behind me, chocolate! I work in a hospital (admin) where boxes of chocolates appear as if my magic all the time... and our stationer always brings complementary boxes of chocs when he delivers our orders. HEEELP!!
You're doing fantastically well - you've managed to pick yourself up again and carry on. Lots of luck.

Bel said...

Congratulations on reaching onederland!!!

I look forward to reading about your journey from the beginning.

Congrats again,

Reddirt Woman said...

Thank you so much for signing up to follow my blog. I guess you know from reading Nola's site that I will follow your progress and cheer you on. I can't do much else, but I'm a pretty good cheerleader and it makes me proud to meet people who are trying to take charge of their health and their life. Maybe by cheering you and Nola on it will help me out on some of my goals.

Anyhow welcome to the land of red dirt and I'll be checking in with you.

I like that term, Onederland!

Helen G.

Reddirt Woman said...

From what I read after your comment about trumpet vines... it would depend on your zone. A lot of people consider trumpet vines a weed, because they can be very invasive, but they can be controlled if you have a smaller yard. According to what I've read they can be hardy to zone 4 if protected. I can tell you if you can get 'em started they are hard to kill. I like them because they throw blooms all summer long. You might google trumpet vines, there may be some that are more cold hardy. I just read about a few. Otherwise you may have to settle for phtos.. :-(