Thursday, August 27, 2009

One Year Today

It is almost midnight and I must write a blog entry today. It was one year ago today that I was banded and yes, I do believe it was the first day of the rest of my life. I went to see Dr. Glatt yesterday and again he told me how proud he was of my success. I am half way there in my opinion but it does feel good to impress one's surgeon. He decided not to give me a fill because of my problem with some foods (chicken and bread) and the fact I have lost it more often than he would like. I have to trust his experience. He did say that because I am doing so well, I didn't need to see him again for six months unless I have a problem. I am stalled right now but the exercise routine has started again that I am fully recovered from surgery and interestingly, I have maintained and lost a little of the weight by eating right.
Guess what movie I just came home from seeing? Julia and Julia Coincidental I went to see a movie about the love of food and blogging. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend. Meryl Streep at her best, again. I do love Amy Adams also!
So as I start my second year after banding, I must set a goal or two. First, I want to continue to use exercise as a means for losing weight but also for relieving the stress of work. My goal is to exercise four or more times a week for the next six months. With fall and winter coming on that means I must see exercise as a priority and allow time for it! My second goal is to eat right, chew thoroughly, take the 30 minutes necessary to eat a meal, and lose 20 pounds by February 14th, 2010.
The clock just struck midnight and I must end this day and get some rest. Bon Appetite!


The Dash! said...

I always love your posts - you're such an upbeat and lovely lady x :) A year ago already huh! I can't imagine being at that stage where the Doc says: Don't come see me for six months lol Would freak me out a little (and yet.... it means nothing but positive things!)

Lonicera said...

Well you're no Cincerella Sylvia, that's for sure, so it doesn't matter if it WAS midnight. Many congratulations on what you've achieved in the past 12 months. Like you I believe that doing it quietly will be the most successful way.
I love the style of your blog, your cheerfulness and positive outlook.
You sound lovely to chat to.