Sunday, August 30, 2009

Number One Son

This is a picture of my number one son, since he is my only son, and his youngest, D3. My son was born 37 years ago today. I remember the day as if it were yesterday. He was born in the early morning. By calculation, he was three weeks late but he only weighed a little over 7 pounds so he was probably right on time. I was teaching and the school year started two days later. I went back to teaching four days later as I had not applied for medical leave and mine was the only income as my husband had left the Air Force and returned to college. My little guy became my life as I would teach all day and usually spend the evenings alone with him until he went to bed. He was the first grandchild for both my parents and R's parents. He was the only grandson my parents had and he was very special to them. I do believe they were special to him also.
He has spent his 37 years living in Michigan, Texas, California, and South Dakota. He is usually a pretty serious guy but I do know he likes to have fun. He met his wonderful wife learning to dance in college. They can jitterbug with the best of them (he flipped her even in her wedding dress). He loves to hunt and golf. He built the home his family lives in and works hard. On his birthday, I pray he will always love his wife and children as much as I love him. I wish him many more years to watch his wonderful three sons grow and become the kind of men of whom he can be proud. I am proud of him. I also wish for him patience, health, and God's richest blessings. Happy Birthday son!


Kinzie said...

This was a lovely post. Isn't it nice to know that you will live a long and healthier life and enjoy your children and grandchildren for years and years to come?

Tina said...

what a lovely post-life so often gets busy and we often forget to tell our kids we love them and are proud of them. This is just one more place to do that and your heartfelt words should make your son puff up with happiness! Happy 'birthed'day to you too!


The Dash! said...

I understand the love a mother has for a son.. this was a lovely post - and I'm sure he appreciates you as much as you do him :)

Lonicera said...

What a good looking son you have, not to mention the adorable grandson. I hope his birthday was happy.

dillweed said...

All of the things that you just said about Dad, Grandma, are very true, thanks for saying this, love, dillon