Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hello again

Oh my, I just realized it has been over two weeks since I have written anything on my blog. I have been thinking about it and I have been reading my bloggin' buddies work but I have not taken the time to write for myself. I happen to be watching over the 3 D angels this evening and have a few minutes of quiet so that I can blog.
I had a wonderful time in Michigan with my friend, Marilyn. Cathy was a most gracious hostess and it was so nice to spend time on the Lake Michigan on Labor Day. The sun was warm and I don't think I have ever been on the big lake when it was more calm. Curt is a great captain and we had a most relaxing cruise out of Muskegon Harbor south to Grand Haven and finally to the river marina. Marilyn and I also took Brach (Cathy's chocolate lab) to the beach to exercise and that was fun as well.
My nephew's wedding was so beautiful and we had a great time dancing at the reception. I feel so much more able to participate now that I have dropped the pounds. I had a new dress and felt pretty "spiffy" in it.
On Tuesday, we took a day to travel to a winery near Saugatuck and then spent the afternoon strolling the streets of Douglas and Saugatuck. It has been years since I visited these places. So much art, color, texture, and visual beauty. I really miss the western shores of Lake Michigan.
Monday it was back to reality and this week the work has come tumbling down. Many miles on the road and loads of thinking on my feet.
Oldest D had his first "real" football game last night. I guess this is an indication that he is growing up. He plays tight end and guard. It will be fun to watch him scrimmage at the university half time on Saturday.
I have started my exercise routine again now that I am back from vacation and fall is upon us. I need to kick it in gear and start working on this body again. Life is good and I will add pictures to this when I get home later tonight.


Mom said...

Great to see you, Sylvia, and you look wonderful! Wish we could have spent more time visit a girls day for sure!!! XO Pat

Reddirt Woman said...

Sylvia I don't quite know how I lost a month of your posts... no excuses other than new computer with problems (Dell is sending me a new one), quite a bit of rain and thusly no satellite. You have been on my mind the last several days so I made a point of coming here first!

That is a gorgeous dress you have on in the photo. You are flat looking good!

I'm glad all is going well and you had some enjoyable vacation time.


Nola said...

Wow that water looks so clear and blue in the lab photo!! What a beautiful spot.
You look magnificent Sylvia!!!! A total foxy hornbag in that photo!! lol
The next post makes me laugh where you wish you were sleeping up a tree somewhere though....I have felt like that all week!!