Monday, December 7, 2009

The Greatest Gift

I am such a blessed person. I have a wonderful husband who loves me unconditionally and is so willing to walk by my side through the good and the bad, the wild and crazy, and he even moves furniture when the Christmas tree is to be put up. I just spent the most delightful few days in celebration of my 63rd birthday. When I arrived home from work on Friday there was the most beautiful floral arrangement from my work colleagues (a gingerbread mixing cup with roses and greens) waiting for me. I love and respect the gals I work with and it was especially nice for them to remember me. I am lucky to have a most expert staff and great friends as well. On Friday evening, my son and his beautiful family (wife and three sons) took Vince and I to dinner. The little boys sang Happy Birthday (I am most impressed with D3 who is 18 months doing that). It was a great meal, the boys were very good, and I was surprised with a gift certificate for a pedicure and one for the movies. The greatest gift was spending time with them and enjoying their company.
Yes, I had to teach on Saturday at one of our Indian schools but the people are so nice and they work so hard. It was a great day. Late Saturday afternoon my brother and sister-in-law arrived from Minnesota to spend the rest of my birthday with me. We had some wine (have to remember it hits harder with a lapband) and then went to dinner. Again, beautiful gifts but I am so lucky to have a brother in my life (there are just the two of us) and I so appreciated their traveling to spend the day with me. We watched Marly and Me which is a real tear jerker but as we all love our dogs, it was worth the tears.
I fixed some oatmeal and coffee Sunday morning and we enjoyed the conversation. After lunch they departed for Minnesota as I had been invited to my dear friends' house for another birthday get-together. As I have been reflecting on my years, I just have to say that friends and family are the greatest gift one can have. Flowers and books and just wonderful people for whom to be so very thankful. I received cards and e-mail greetings from so many loved ones. I am just so very lucky.

I have been reading The Thread of Truth which is a sequel to A Single Thread. The author writes about women who have become close friends. I recommend these books if you haven't read them. I have been quilting (more on my other blog). I finished the Christmas quilt for our bed. It is the one that 12 of us each made a block for each other and now we have the most beautiful quilts to remind us of our friends. I am making gifts as quickly as my little fingers can stitch, listening to Christmas music as loud as Vince will allow. Work is busy and I get stressed. I have my sleep study on Wednesday this week after I see the pulminologist. I just love this time of year!
I promise to be more regular in my posts as I want to continue to care for my bloggin friends. I do believe the greatest gift is friendship. Pictures below are of D2 in the lion costume I bought for D1 nine years ago. D3 is wearing the Air Force flight suit I made for his daddy 36 years ago. And the Minnesota boys went shopping with Baba for a rose poinsetta and I just couldn't pass up the picture.


Tina said...

Happy birthday! How do you manage to get all of the work done and quilt too? I have a heck of a time just getting my work done (now granted I am a lowly post doc but I am gagging to use my sewing room once again). If you have balancing figured out I would love some hints. Your grandsons look adorable in their costumes by the way.


The Dash! said...

Look at those little cuties in the costumes - they look so sweet... and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope you were well and truly spoilt and looked after - even beyond what you wrote about. :)

Nola said...

A very happy birthday to you...although a tad late!! It sounds like you had a wonderful time with your family and received some fantastic gifts! That quilt is are so talented.

Lonicera said...

I do love quilts... I sometimes look at your other blog and enjoy that too. Have a very happy Christmas Sylvia.

Lonicera said...

Just a quick message Sylvia to wish you a very happy Christmas with your family, and to thank you for the many caring messages you've left on my blog this year.

Hug from Caroline