Friday, October 17, 2008

16 Sticks of Butter

Oh my goodness, my life is a roller coaster. Yesterday I scheduled surgery to fix the port on November 3 and today Thomas's scale showed 211.5! My BMI has moved to the bottom most spot on the morbidly obese chart. I am less than 12 pounds to legal on my driver's license and I now wear a size 8 shoe. Numbers are a constant on my mind. I think I should post a picture taken last weekend as even though the top is white, I do look so much healthier. No, I will wait until next week and then that will be my two month shot.

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Black Hockey Jesus said...

Well this was an inspiring read, Aunt Sylvia. I've kicked a few "habits" and I must say that food is the only one that wins out every time. It's a good thing I'm actually crazy enough to like running. I'm glad you're accomplishing your crazy hard goals. I'll be back. ~J