Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It is only Tuesday

It is only Tuesday and it seems like a lifetime since I weighed last Friday. I am finding that is harder to eat cold food (like leftovers) than it is to eat the same item warm. John and Linda were here visiting us this weekend and after a wonderful drive around the area, we ended up at Ruby Tuesday for a late lunch. I asked for a "to go" box when she brought my sandwich and carefully cut it in half. I ate slowly and really enjoyed the hamburger, half of the half of a bun, and the lettuce, tomato, and cheese. No problem! However, four hours later when I tried to eat the rest for supper, I couldn't get it to go down. The same thing happened with an egg wrap last week. Warm fine, cold later just not going to happen. Interesting. I can't believe that I have gone almost 250 miles exercising. It adds up when you do it twice a day. I will see the nutritionist on Thursday and I hope it is Georgia! It will be fun to celebrate my successes with her.


Julie's Journey said...
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Julie's Journey said...

Sorry about deleting the first draft of this... my keyboard is dropping letters something fierce (of course it has to be the comp... not my crappy typing)

I'm glad you enjoyed the first half of your lunch.. I tend to have the same problems with leftover restauraunt food (hot or cold.)

Thanks for the mental picture of the 50 pounds I've lost.. I will have to start looking at loss that way (it really helped)

DocSly said...

Julie my blog is healthierdocsly.blogspot.com Keep the journey going!