Saturday, January 2, 2010

Some Fun

I have a friend who owns a book store in our town and I was wondering how I could get the word out about having Mrs. C sit outside our house and pass out candy canes to passerbys. Well, my friend reminded me that I have always wanted to come to the store and read to children. So we took this opportunity to have me come to the store as Mrs. C. This is a picture Vince took on our sun porch before I went to the book store. We have a wonderful costume rental place in town and one of the lapband benefits was that the costume fit me. I had such a delightful time doing it even though only five children came to the store that December afternoon. Maybe more next year?

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THE DASH! said...

You look very cute lol love the outfit. And here's hoping the word spreads and more children turn up next year!!