Monday, January 25, 2010

Continue the Frenzy

Wow time flies while you are trying to stay warm in South Dakota in the winter. What a winter it has been! The Interstate has been closed due to bad conditions very often and again tonight it is closed from the Missouri River to Albert Lea Minnesota and from South Dakota all the way north into Canada. We are having a blizzard.
Meantime, my knees are killing me. I walk on the treadmill but it hurts most of the time. I need to walk even more but it is so cold and dark when it comes time to go to the Rec that it takes a great deal of will power.
I believe we have finally figured out what has been at the root of my fatigue. I had a sleep study on December 9 and did not get the results until last week. I saw the Pulminologist about the results. He was surprised I don't have apnea. That is good. But I still have significant episodes of shallow breathing and that causes me to wake up (that too is good) and he believed I need a CPAC but was certain my insurance wouldn't cover it. So he ordered another sleep study and this time I had a sleeping pill so I would remain on my back all night and this time the numbers were high and indicated the need for the CPAC. I have been sleeping with it since last Friday and I really am much more clear headed and I believe I am catching up on my rest. Sleep deprivation has been a real problem.
Work is busy but it seems about the time I have a day scheduled in a school, they have to cancel because of snow. This has been a very different winter thus far.
I am reading the latest Jennifer Chiaverini's book from the Elm Creek Series. I lover those. I have been knitting and quilting and cooking soups for Vince and I. I went to see Extraordinary Measures with my gal friends yesterday afternoon. It was excellent. I also loved It's Complicated. That was great!
I promise I won't take so long to post. I read blogs everyday and love listening to you. I feel like I have this whole set of friends out there. When I went to the Post Office today to mail a baby gift to one of my daughter's friends, the postman asked me if I wanted stamps or postal supplies or a passport application. Interestingly, I said "yes" to the passport application. I have one that has expired. I know I won't be able to get Vince to go with me but I would love to return to England and the more I read blogs of my Aussie friends, I think a trip down under might be delightful. Stay warm.


Lonicera said...

Sylvia - it would be wonderful if you came to England! Start saving up...
So sorry you have bad knees.. and I've been looking up CPAC on the internet and that doesn't sound like much fun either.
Lovely to read you again, and reassuring to know you're keeping up with all our antics.

王麗紅 said...

Fancy may kill or cure. ....................................................