Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Driving and Drinking

I had decided to do more water drinking while I was driving and see how it made me feel (other than having to stop more often). I think it may be helping as I have been less hungry between meals and I know water is better than coffee (even though it is decaf). I plan to get on the scale on Friday morning this week as that will be two weeks since I saw Dr. G. It is going to be OK as I know I will be successful. Nola says "1 Kilo" and I say "four sticks of butter". I have been doing a load of driving again as school is getting close to the end and we have contract days to fulfill. At caring friends' requests I have refrained from reading or writing e-mails while behind the wheel.


Tina said...

Ok-what is the status on your fills? Will they give you a little more? You should not be hungry. Is there some habit you are really having that is naughty? or is it just general eating too much not exercising enough? if it is the latter than I would say it is time for a fill. I really pushed the fills-walked a tightrope edge of tight. Just tight enough to make eating difficult but I did not get hungry. I would then lose weight and get hungry again and need another fill...the important part of this is that the tight forces you to change a bit more of the bad habits.

Now if you are eating something naughty go ahead and take some blame--like big old bowls of ice cream on a daily basis (did that one too and had to change it along the way).

The reason for this whole advice thing is that I worry that you are blaming yourself and I don't think you should be. This is not supposed to be super hard. Balance yes...impossibly hard no.

I know you can do it! and I have to tell you that you, in part, are the reason I have re-found my crafty self. Your ability to balance work and craft have inspired me to put my work aside and knit when I can.

Keep your chin up..and feel free to send me an email anytime. We have spent too many years beating ourselves up over this stuff and I do not think you should any more!! :)

Ok..getting down off the soapbox.


Lonicera said...

Hi Sylvia - just really to tell you I've been thinking about you... and your last sentence made me laugh, couldn't help it. You read and write e-mails AT THE WHEEL? Someone's just explained to me that you must be using an iPod or something, I had conjured up this glorious image of a laptop perched on the steering wheel as you whizz along the road!!
We're all with you, wondering how you are - please keep us posted.

Nola said...

Wow....what Tina said is really, really good Sylvia!! I am taking some of her wisdom my way:) I am soooooo pleased you are not going to email at the wheel anymore!!! lol lol When I had the desk job at the court I used to keep my water bottle on my desk at all times and just swig away. I have been very slack since.... I was keeping one on the end of the kitchen bench and swigging everytime I walked past....I must start that again.

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