Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday Monday

It is not a blue Monday but I just believe I should end the day with some attitude adjustment. I guess the soreness on my belly is getting to me. I got up this morning and put in 25 minutes on the bike and then put 35 more minutes on the bike after dinner tonight. I must exercise twice a day. I also find myself eating some of the wrong things like a few nuts, a cookie, and then apple crisp with ice cream for dessert. I CAN NOT do that if I am going to succeed. I do believe I need to add some variety to my selection however. I tried toast with peanut butter this morning instead of yogurt. I didn't have a latte today either. I just know that what goes in must be necessary for nutrition and not for taste. That is so hard for me because I do like the taste of some foods. I think I may also have lost some personal momentum with the recent hospital visit. I really didn't need a setback or stumbling block. It seems like what I called a bump in the road, has turned into a rut. That is attitude. So as of this morning, I decided to kick this again with a vengence. Two a day biking and eating less and right! If I snack it has to be protein! That seems really simple. I am not eager for the Friday weigh in if I don't act now.

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Mom said...

Set backs suck! This is such an emotional adventure for you and getting hit in the gut with a repeated surgery kinda knocked the wind out of your sails. But, you are back on track after falling down a it. As you stated, exercise and eating right is so necessary for this to work. You've come so far and have been so dedicated! Your new mind-set will get you there again..hang tough, I'm right behind you...XO, Pat