Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Moving On

Vince and I returned home last night about 6pm from Sioux Falls. As usual, the people at Sanford were wonderful and other than having to wait a little longer than expected to start the surgery, it was pretty much predictable. Melanie greeted me with the same wonderful smile at the admit desk. The anethetist was the same as one of the other surgeries. And then, Denise was the same nurse I had when I was dealing with thyroid. I can't say that recognition of a surgical staff if on my list of priorities, but I can say they are an excellent team. I didn't get to see Dr. Glatt but CPN Sorensen had the same beautiful smile on her face. Essentially, Dr. Glatt explained to Vince that the tubing was acting like a spring attached to the port as it was coming up to the surface and then down to the port. He said he hadn't seen this condition before. He has done alot of bands so does it surprise you that I have to be an exception?
So. . . they moved the port off center to anchor it down. From the soreness, I think they might have used nails and a sledge hammer to do their work. I have one sore belly today. Of interest, the hospital scale showed 214 pounds which is four pounds less than the day I visited Dr. Glatt's office for the fill. I am most curious what the rec center scale will show. My stomach appears very large and I know from the pain in my shoulders the gas hasn't dissipated yet. So I am not sure I want to venture to the Rec to weigh. I slept in the chair last night as the thought of laying on my back all night in bed was not positive. Enough complaining, time to move on. Would I do the band again? Of course I would.

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