Sunday, November 30, 2008

21 days left in autumn

I have 21 days to lose the 7.5 pounds that was my goal set in August. I will weigh in with Thomas on Tuesday the 2nd of December before I leave for 9 days on business trip. It is going to be close. I wanted to lose 43 pounds in the autumn.
For some reason, I craved chocolate today so I bought some sugar free chocolate to pack in my suitcase. I ate one piece and that was OK. I also had a latte today with sugar free white chocolate. I guess I am still normal. I hope planning ahead will benefit my goal.
It is snowing and I am listening to Christmas music. This is my favorite time of the year. I think it is for all of us born in December. I guess I will sign off and write our Christmas letter.


Tracey said...

Are you a cappy too? I am. Born on the 30th of December, and even though on this side of the world it is muggy, humid and HOT, I still LOVE December.

Maybe we all have an affinity with the month we are born in? Maybe it is a time of rebirth for us each year?

Happy Christmas!


Nola said...

Gosh I am a fool...I have been not thinking straight today and came onto your blog and prattled on in a comment on one of your August posts!!!...just ignore that please:) I don't know what I was thinking.

Nola said...

I also meant to say...I went grocery shopping yesterday and they have the carols playing in the store...I can't help singing along! I do love this season!