Sunday, November 2, 2008

My New Goal

Not sure what the scale at the hospital will say tomorrow! My new motto is this: "A tenth of a ton of fat and fun and still just 61!" I want to weigh 200 pounds by December 4. If that is possible then my driver's license will be legal for the first time in 20 years. Yeah right, you think I should have admitted that I weighed well over 200 pounds on that little card that gets checked everytime you fly? I don't think so! If I needed to be identified, I would rather they would just go with the mug shot and blue eyes. Anyway, a long time ago in Muskegon there was this radio guy who always referred to himself as a tenth of a ton of fat and fun. Now granted that is NOT my end goal but I rather like the sounds of my motto. I can always change it to 142 and 62 later. In the meantime, I will shoot for 200 pounds. I have been starving all weekend what with my eating just liquids to be ready for surgery. I do recommend chicken broth and egg beaters. It makes a great egg drop soup. Loads of protein and tastes great also. I really crave warm liquids over cold. I will post tomorrow when I get home from Sioux Falls. I will have a current weight and hopefully news that the repair work was simple. Vince has my quilting frame all set up and I can hardly wait to get the machine and set up the quilter. Crafting is better than eating.

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