Monday, March 23, 2009

Home Again

Well, I just spent a few days with my charming little guys in Minnesota. I tell you what, if taking care of a three year old and another that is almost two doesn't keep one busy, I don't know what does. We went to Lifetime Fitness everyday and took walks around the neighborhood two of the four days. I exercised this morning before I drove back.
I tried to go for 50 minutes everyday instead of the 40 minutes since the boys were in the Child Center and I could take the time. I biked, walked on the treadmill, and used an elliptical strider of some sort. Even broke a sweat three times.
My thyroid specialist called and the latest blood work was right on target. I will see him in October for my yearly cancer check.
I drove through some heavy rain and strong winds this afternoon in South Dakota but just 60 miles further west and the Interstate is closed all the way to Wyoming with a spring blizzard. Hard to believe it when the car thermometer read 51 degrees when I drove into town. The open sky on the prairie is awesome and today was no exception.
I think I will drive to the office in snow flurries tomorrow morning. Must show off the grandsons. I wish you could see how crystal blue those eyes are!


Nola said...

The grandsons are gorgeous!! They are lovely photos of them.
My God you are putting in some exercise!!!..put me to shame!

Lonicera said...

I feel tired just hearing about it...
Did you managed to keep off the scales while you were away??

DocSly said...

Yes, Caroline I haven't weighed since last Wednesday. I will weigh on Friday again.

DocSly said...

Yes, Caroline I haven't weighed since last Wednesday. I will weigh on Friday again.

Reddirt Woman said...

when I clicked on the photo it made them big and I could see their gorgeous baby blues. Dang girl... didn't you get enough exercise chasing those handsome lads around? I know you had to be having you some fun with those two.

Glad you are home. Sounds like some funky weather headed your way. Stay safe.