Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fill er up!

So I went to see my favorite Lapband surgeon yesterday and they put in another cc. I now have 6 ccs in the band. I keep hoping to get to that "sweet spot" everyone talks about. I still want to eat way too often and I am not always certain I am hungry or just "STRESSED"! I really wish I could let go of some of the "stuff" on my mind! Pray for me and I too will ask God to take over and let go of it.
Vince and I are driving to Wyoming tomorrow to see his cousin and her husband for the weekend. I just want to sit back and enjoy the ride across this beautiful prairie. I plan to NOT answer e-mails on my Blackberry and only answer the phone if it is family. A day off is a day off!
I went to the Rec and exercised yesterday and as soon as I complete this post, I am going again tonight. I need to go in the morning so it is done and I can't put it off because of schedule or the just plain "worn out" excuse.
Dr. Glatt was his happy self and again told me how proud he was of my progress. I was disappointed yesterday that I was only down 2 pounds since February. My goal is to drop 15 pounds before I go back in August. That will be about one year after banding and it would be 60 pounds for the year! I believe that is reasonable. I just need to work out five out every six days. Hard workout and then eat right. I think I will set another chart on the bottom for how far I am going. It seems I am motivated by those little tickers that keep moving from left to right.
On a personal note: I got measured for a new bra in Minneapolis the other day when I was with Allison. A 38! When I started this work, I wore a 44. Also, I am so thankful they now make bras in D, DD, F, G, H, etc to K cups. I can remember in the 60s and 70s when I could have used those amounts, there was no such thing. The girls (Nola's term) either fit in a teacup or you were out of luck! I feel very good in my 38G by Wacoal. Supported and one can actually see my rib cage under the shelf.
On another note: Nola, e-mail me with your address so I can send your 100th blog post surprise!


Sarah said...

Don't you just love Wacoal bras????? BTW - I get mine on Ebay. Got fitted for one, then used the code in the tag, and looked online - WAY cheaper - like half price! And they are new - not used. I need a few new bras, but I'm not going for the Wacoal until I've lost a lot more... Keep up the good work! And enjoy your day off.

Nola said...

OMG!!!!! I have a suprise coming??!!! Hyperventilating here!!! I will email you soon:)
How great is it to get the girls into such a smaller size!! Fantastic:)
Your doctor should be proud of you....I bet you are his star patient:)He probably brags about your success to whoever will listen....and take the credit for it:)

Nola said...

I can't find your email in my comments thingy!!!! Can you send me one and then I will reply to you?....

DocSly said...

What a great idea to look on Ebay. I will take that idea to heart. Take care.