Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

My goodness, the time is absolutely flying by. I went to Doctor on Friday and it would appear we will seek insurance approval and get that flabby fat flap removed in June. So as not to be lopsided, we will opt for both sides at once but of course, the right side will be at our expense as there is no danger of infection on that side. It will take that long to get the paperwork passed through the insurance.

I had a very nice day today. I spent the morning with Vince in our yard. I can't really tell you which is my favorite season. When I was in seventh grade our English teacher read us the book, The Secret Garden. I know this story is one of my favorites and I distinctly remember being able to see that garden in my imagination. I always think about that story in the springtime. Even before the snow is gone, I begin strolling around our yard and looking for the green tips of something peaking through. I love the greens of spring. I took two pictures today. One is of the ivy that grows on our brick home. Makes me sorta believe I live in a castle. The other is of the groundcover I planted six years ago that has taken over and makes a lush carpet in one of the flower beds in the yard. Helen, I found a trumpet vine and we planted it next to our fence in the back yard. We will really nurture it until it takes hold.

After church Dillon came over to spend some time with me while his younger brothers took their naps. We had fun watching the Twins play and just hanging out together. Later his mom came back with the little guys and we then went out for dinner. I am packed ready to fly to St Louis in the morning for a grant meeting and then fly home Tuesday. It seems it will be a busy week.


Sarah said...

sounds like a wonderful weekend!!! Good luck with the insurance journey... what fun, huh?!?!?

Reddirt Woman said...

Sounds like you had a nice weekend. I'm glad you were able to find a trumpet vine. Once you get it established they are easy to tend to and can be pretty aggressive down here. I would imagine with you being somewhat cooler in your area they may not be as aggressive, but they are sturdy, beautiful plants.

I don't think you can have any better day than one spent in the garden. Just strolling around seeing what is peeking it's head up after a long winter sleep.

Thank you for sharing.