Monday, May 4, 2009

Needle and Thread

Some of you know that I am a quilter and knitter for fun. Do as much as I can to keep me busy and out of the food. We just had a pair of baby squirrels born in the near proximity and they have become my diversion. Vince and I have named them needle and thread. Needle first came to visit last week and I posted its (don't know if it is he or she) picture on the window outside my quilting room. He stayed for a long time and watched me smile, laugh, take its picture, and just be happy the little one is living. We knew there were two because Vince has seen both heads in near proximity. Well this afternoon when I went down our stairs, I saw them both on the front porch. Gracie, our cat, was watching them from her perch in the front window. So I now have pictures of both of them. Needle and Thread are pretty identical and are so cute. Have to share. And then don't miss the foxy lady of the house.


The Dash! said...

Oh oh oh, how cute! I wish we had squirrels here in Oz, but I've only ever seen them at the zoo, they zip up the palm trees with lightning speed. You are looking SO good! Love your pic. You look happy and content. So lovely to see.
Cara x

Mom said...

Look at you!! Right, one foxy lady! Love the top and the smile on your face. So very proud of you and your determination...XO, Pat

Nola said...

No wonder those squirrels are looking in your window....where else would they see a GODDESS like that!!!!!!!!!! You look fantastic:)
I love those names, Needle and Thread....too clever.
At another house we used to live that was surrounded by bush we used to have a possum come along our decking rail every night. We used to leave a piece of fruit out for her. Anyhow....we named her Priscilla....queen of the decking!! lol

Lonicera said...

I used to live in a flat where there were so many (grey) squirrels that the BBC wildlife department used to come and film them - John made friends with one of them and it used to eat out of his hand. Only thing was they adored daffodil bulbs, and were good at finding them and digging them up to eat... The red ones are even sweeter, and so delicate, but I've never seen them in the wild. Please keep taking pictures of them!
Well done on that picture of yourself, it's brilliant!

Reddirt Woman said...

Wow, DocSly... you are looking good and the smile on face shows the pride in yourself about this journey to better health you've been on.

Love the names... Needle and Thread. Can you really tell them apart?

I hope you have an excellent Mother's Day.


Miss Piggy said...

LOOKING GOOD!!!! Love the cheeky look in your eye.