Sunday, May 17, 2009

We Are Family!

We just arrived home from an absolutely wonderful three day break. Of course, I forgot the camera but I will try to reflect on our trip and give you a verbal picture. One of the most beautiful vistas in all my travels is 70 miles west of home when you drive down the hill across the Missouri River. It is especially beautiful right now because the hills on either side are green and the sky is almost always blue here on the prairie. I just love this spot.
When I was in sixth grade I memorized a poem by Edgar A. Guest that begins, "It takes a heap of living in a house to make it home." Well, we visited that place this weekend. Vince's cousin, Cleo and her husband Alan, live in Sundance, Wyoming. 348 miles west of our house on I-90. I have always wanted to have the time to really get to know them as Vince has few living relatives and he has always spoken so fondly of them. Theirs is the home Guest speaks of. It is absolutely a home full of wonderful memories and a family who really values each other. Cleo and Alan have raised a son and daughter (we got to meet them and their delightful spouses) and Gay has a daughter, Abigayl, who is the sparkle in her grand dad's eye. We could easily understand why. We had the time of our lives talking and sharing and talking some more.
They live on a hillside across the break from Sundance Mountain. We watched parasailors each morning. I also relaxed (yes, I did) watching a herd of mulies munch, lounge, and meander in their yard right outside the beautiful windows of their home. I just can't express how much it meant to me to be with family and to watch Vince become so animated about his ancestors and the information he has gleaned. Vince's parents were older when they had Vince and he was an only child. Cleo is the daughter of Vince's father's sister and has lived in Wyoming most of her life. Alan was born in Sundance as was his father. Oh, the stories he can tell. I know there are many wonderful places in our country but you just don't know country until you have visited western South Dakota and Wyoming. The Black Hills in the distance, the deer outside the window, and the vivid blue sky overhead is just a tribute to how great God is.
Cleo is a marvelous cook and we spent our time eating great meals and getting acquainted. I even was entrusted with a lap throw she has pieced and will quilt it for her this week so that she has it to use. What fun! Cleo and Alan opened their hearts and home to us and we felt so welcome.
Today we drove home through Spearfish Canyon. It is beautiful in the spring however the aspen have not yet leafed and there were small piles of snow on the peaks. We shared some time with our friends in Rapid City before heading home. Catherine and Mike gave us the news of their family and our many friends. It was just a wonderful break.
Vince is already in bed as he drove all the way over and back. We did manage to stop at two quilt shops in Rapid City and I found the fabric for my mini-quilt exchange. More on the other blog about that. Now it is time to get ready for another busy week at work. Life is good!


The Dash! said...

Wow! Sounds like you had the most beautiful time. You must be in springtime right now, so I wish I was there. You sound happy and contented, a truly great place to be. I loved this post. Congrats on having the best time.
Cara x

Reddirt Woman said...

What a wonderful trip. I'm going to have to figure out to come to South Dakota because it is one of the few states I haven't been to and I've read about the Black Hills all my life in various wild west cowboy and Indian stories. You just whetted my whistle with this post.

Thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

My niece lives in Sheridan, my brother lives in Worland! I agree completely with your view of W. SD and Wyoming! My first teaching job was in Harding County!! About 30 miles north of Buffalo- awesome place. ....why can't I comment on your other blog??? Sure was nice to meet you in person.... I suspect we have a lot in common.