Sunday, May 24, 2009

I love iris

Since I was a little girl, I have always loved iris. I can remember having so many of them in the yards of my three childhood homes. A couple of years ago I order these two varieties in the mail and each year they don't disappoint me. I finally left the quilting room long enough to go and snap a picture. They are so delicate. I wished they would stay beautiful longer but as with many things, we must enjoy them while they last and stop wishing for more.
We finished quilting the top of the "rolling on" quilt yesterday. It is so beautiful and it makes me feel so good that we are doing something for someone else. I got a brainstorm in the night that Dillon could display it at the Laptop Academy in two weeks and help up sell tickets. It is in honor of his teacher who has been fighting cancer all year and is starting a foundation.


The Dash! said...

They are the most pretty flowers: and hopefully we will be like them in the not too distant future... pretty, delicate little flowers.
Cara x

Sarah said...

They are my mother's favorite flower, and were also my grandmother's... as I get older, I grow to love them more each year! We have some blue bearded iris that come up in our front yard, and they always make me smile!