Saturday, December 13, 2008

Add four sticks of butter

And I am not talking about a recipe. I finally faced the day when the scale went the wrong direction. I know I was exercising each day while I was gone but I also know I am retaining fluids. I have big dents in my ankles when I take off my socks each night. I was bummed but I refuse to get discouraged about it. I will just have to kick it in the rear for the next few days if I want to reach my goal of 200 pounds on December 31, 2008.
We went to a house party tonight and I had to practically run to the bathroom to keep from making a rousing embarassment of myself. I didn't chew the little meatball long enough and it got stuck. I tried to PB but it didn't work and the next thing I knew I was racing to the bathroom. That will teach me to try foods at parties.
I will weigh again on Tuesday to make certain I have taken off that pound. I then weigh on Thursday as Thomas is going to Oregon for Christmas and I want to check in with him before he leaves.

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Mom said...

Keep doing what you're was bound to happen sooner or later. Don't know why that scale, for no apparent reason, does that to us, but it then suprises us with what we were looking for in the first place... and... alot of the times with more than we expected! XO,Pat