Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Taxis - Read this and weep!

I think you all know that I have been at an educational meeting in Washington DC this week. Actually we have been staying the Gaylord Nation on the Potomac. Wow, it is beautiful. Anyway, today we drove down to the mall and parked at the wrong end of Independence Avenue from the Holocaust Museum. The museum was absolutely a most emotional experience. I have wanted to visit it for years and today was the day. Well, it got to be a little later in the afternoon and I knew we needed to get the car and I sorta wanted to miss rush hour in downtown DC. So I walked the 1 mile plus back to the parking lot and was back to pick up the gals in just 24 minutes. Now I know that is not moving out but it is for me. I just started walking and before I knew it I had worked up a sweat and was done with the mile. Never would have happened four months ago.


Mom said...

You should feel so proud!!'s only the beginning....XO, Pat

Nola said...

Well...that is just fantastic!! Your last post showed some doubt or faith in yourself....but you have just proved that you can do it....hell, you ARE doing it. No going backwards now!!!