Monday, December 15, 2008

Support Group Not Hose

I drove to Sioux Falls tonight with Vince to go to the support group at the hospital. It is so worth it to sit down and have a discussion with others who are dealing with the same life experience. Each person is so unique and each has a story. Tonight's meeting was about "paying it forward". I said, from the very beginning, that the reason I am writing this blog is to share my story and perhaps give someone the push to take a step in changing their own life.
I did share about this blog tonight and I also mentioned my Australian friends (not by name) that I have begun to feel akin with as we wander down this path of bandsterhood. I just read one blog and she calls them the bandits. I think that is so cute. About the time one feels like they are slipping, along comes a new bandit to help one refocus. That happened tonight at the support group. A beautiful young woman shared that she was banded in October and has lost 33 pounds. I reminded her that is 11 cans of Crisco. That is so great! It isn't that one wants to compete with her to lose more, but rather, it just compels one to continue the journey with a bit more ATTITUDE!
I am still having the wretched dents in the ankles when I take off the wool socks at night. Some one recommended green tea as a natural diuretic but I so hate the taste of tea. I think I will just try to drink more water and really watch the sodium content of foods.
I do believe there is a real benefit in having a support group. Not that misery loves company but rather, it is good to hear others talk about some of the same feelings and experiences and give their take on it. I believe we are never to old to learn something from others. I especially like to learn from others who have positive attitudes and this group is full of those kind of people.


Nola said...

The same for me....I love reading other's blogs...they help fire me up and keep me moving in the right direction. I don't know anybody else in my town that is a "bandit" and sometimes you feel a bit alone. I should try and start up my own support group or have fired an idea up in me now!!

Nola said...

Just a quick merry Christmas to you and yours. Have a wonderful Christmas day!!