Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I have managed to go down and exercise every morning we have been in Washington DC. We have also walked a great deal and I am handling it quite well. We went to the FDR memorial tonight and it was an absolutely beautiful walk.
The food at this conference has been healthy and when we have gone at night, I have tried to eat right. The real problem in restaurants is that the portions are so large. Tonight I was able to order a baked potato and that was just enough.
Sara and I just listened to a web report about Oprah and how she has gained all of her weight back. That is a really scary thing to hear. The reporter talked about her yo-yo struggle with weight. I can so identify with that. I wonder if she has ever considered a lapband. I wonder if it would work for her. I must say I still fear it won't work for me. . . forever. I wonder if the scale will go down every time it gets close to a weigh in. It is just so hard to believe in myself.
It will be 15 weeks tomorrow since my surgery. 105 days and I am hoping for 41 lost pounds on Friday.

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