Monday, December 29, 2008

Home From the Holidays

Well bandits, I made it through my first full blown holiday! I learned a few things and I think I better write it down so I remember.
First, if I am going to eat cold shrimp, I must chew even though they are bite size. Our Christmas eve feast tasted so good but after the meal, I thought I was having a heart attack from the pain in the chest. I realized that what seemed like chewing probably equated to buzz sawing through the pile of shrimp on my plate and that if I ever (and at that point I doubted I would) ate shrimp again, I must chew them thoroughly!
Second, I can't eat rice. The literature says you can't but I have to try things. We went to a pleasant little oriental restaurant in Northfield and I ordered my entree. Of course, it came with rice. I put just a couple of teaspoons under the bed of chicken cashew and chewed slowly. The rice wouldn't stay down. Let that be that lesson.
Third, ice cream goes down with no problem. So it is best to measure a reasonable amount and eat it slowly as it goes right through the pouch and those calories can add up quickly. My brother and I take after our dad who loved ice cream. Vanilla in a bowl is a happy time.
It is a fact that food is an integral part of a family holiday. As a bandster, I just have to think about what and how much I plan to eat and participate with reasonable sensibility.


Nola said...

The lessons we have to learn are many and varied aren't they!!? Of course, icecream would slip through!!!...bugger:)

Lonicera said...

Blimey, not rice as well!! There goes Thai food then (sob). Have enjoyed reading your blog DocSly, will follow.