Monday, September 15, 2008

The Easy Way Out

Something has been on my mind and I guess I should write about it. I wonder when I tell people that I have been banded if they think that might be an easy way out. This came to my mind when I recently asked someone about their significant weight loss and the person replied, "just good diet and exercise". Now don't get me wrong, I believe that is a good answer but it didn't work for me.
Should I feel like a failure because "good diet and exercise" didn't work for me? Did I honestly engage in good diet and exercise? Vince and I have had long conversations about this topic because quite frankly, this surgery was not appealing to me when Diane first brought it up. I really questioned why I couldn't conquer this weight issue like the majority of the population can. There are factors that are beyond my control: genes, early life hysterectomy, Hashimoto's Disease. There are also factors I could control like regular exercise, elimination of caffeine, and making good food choices. So why couldn't I conquer this?
Then today, at the Rec, I met some close friends and one of them shared that they knew two ladies who had been banded but didn't exercise and they couldn't figure out what wasn't working for them. Also, I think about what Georgia told me this summer when we met regarding nutrition. Georgia continued to say "the band is a tool you can use to be successful". In my head I have to remember that the way out of this, for me, is not going to be easy. No matter what! Exercising twice a day and making wise food choices from here on out will take every bit of will power I have. Those who know me and love me will know what the struggle means and how hard I will work to succeed.
By the way, the insurance statement for the hospital bill came today. This surgery cost $26,000!


Mom said...

Sylvia, reading your blog, no one can dispute your dedication to this adventure. Easy, hell NO, do-able hell YES! You are on your way this time. Throw out all those old thoughts about failures and the "Why can't I's?" This is working for you. I don't doubt for a minute that some people will think that getting banded is an easy answer. They also may think any surgery to lose weight is an easy fix. Not so....Ask the people who didn't abide by the rules how the surgery worked for them. We all know how to lose's the putting in motion the "how to's" that make it happen. Burn more calories than we take in! Your dedication to exercise and healthy food choices is so admirable and if you stick with that you will have a success story to shout from the rooftops!! XO. Pat

DocSly said...

I am thankful you are on my side. See you in October.

DocSly said...
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