Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Two weeks into this

It hardly seems possible that two weeks have passed since my surgery. I rode to work yesterday with two of my colleagues and was wasted by the time the afternoon rolled around. I am still trying to get enough protein grams each day. I think that bears on how much energy I have. I have exercised twice a day now for thirteen days. I am trying to do one time before work in the morning and then I do one more time at night. It has to be a priority. I must say it is good to be ingesting "mushy" foods. I fixed tofu for the first time yesterday. Vince has eaten it before, just plain and cold, etc. I seasoned it and roasted it in a frying pan with EVO and it was great. Loaded with protein and very tastey. Can't believe it! I found a tub of shorts that are all too big in the closet so I will be adding those to the garage sale on Friday. Life is good. I plan to buy one pair of dress slacks in Minneapolis when I visit Allison in two weeks. That will have to do for fall. I have plenty of sweaters and those can be a little baggy for awhile. I have always bought clothes on clearance with the anticipation they will fit next season. Now I don't know what size will fit next season. A great dilemma!

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Mom said...

Way to go, Sylvia! You have got to be very proud of yourself. Shorts are toooo big!! Understand your dilemma with buying new clothes at this stage unless you're darn good with that sewing machine. Love it tho' that you are facing that situation! Had a great visit with Allison and the boys so be sure and tell her and those little sweethearts of hers that Aunt Pat says "Hi"! Hopefully now that you are able to have "mushy" foods, protein grams will get a boast. Not good when you are feeling tired all the time and trying to maintain exercising. Keeping "hoorays" coming your way.............xoxo, Pat