Monday, January 12, 2009

Colder than a bandit's tiny hiny!

I just drove home in a real South Dakota blizzard. 50 mile an hour winds and snowing to beat the band. Trucks and cars on the interstate traveling 20 miles and hour and I even saw a Highway Patrol in the ditch. If anxiety is a weight loss program, I lost 10 pounds in the 70 mile trip.
Now that I am back in town, I will go to the Rec and do some real exercise. Wednesday weigh-in is just around the corner.

Continued. . .while at the rec center I watched Oprah while I biked. She was talking about her "new life" series and how people who have lost a great deal of weight have gained it back and are ashamed to carry on. I think that is an internal fear that I have. My husband tells me to convert that fear into a motivator to stay on my target. I had decided two years ago that I needed to exercise to become more healthy. I had hoped an added benefit would be weight loss. It didn't happen and I want to tell you, I worked at it hard.
The scientific reality is "calories in, calories out". Some of us were born with genes that make life more challenging. I believe my early life hysterectomy and my recent thyroid issues have not been my best buddies either. Nevertheless, this band and I are in this for the long haul.
My new slogan is:

Workin' 2

A healthier me!


Lonicera said...

Nope - can't beat that... you have the field to yourself! (Try not to think of the bandits in Australia deciding whether to go for a swim or not...)

In England the temperature is now well above zero, and pouring with rain.

Hope you had a good session at the gym!


Nola said...

It's a long haul isn't it!! I also had an early hysterectomy at 30yrs of age. I don't like to use that as an excuse, but I think it may have contributed a little.
It was hot and 26degrees here, la, la
Was out in my garden and painting an outdoor setting......he, he

DocSly said...

Nola, no fair rubbing it in. I went to the Rec this morning and the thermometer registered -17.2 Celcius (1 degree F). I call that cold, but it makes us appreciate our spring, summer, and fall. I can't live without some snow and the cold is an added feature.