Thursday, January 22, 2009

Patience Alice

A news flash from Alice in Onederland, patience is the name of the game. I lost one pound this week. Now that is 4 sticks of butter and I should be happy, which I am! However there are other things that should spark my trip down this road. And they do! Like here is a picture of me today being able to cross my legs!

Small thing? Not for someone who has been overweight all her life. Crossing your legs is like awesome. I feel so slim when I cross my legs.

And, how about being able to lean over and paint your toenails?

I was able to do that this morning because no longer do I have that huge belly that gets in the way. I have always been able to stand straight legged and touch my toes because I am so short, but painting my toenails has been a challenge for many years. I would have to bend my knee and paint behind me. You can see that picture. So it is a great day.

I just need to have patience in the Onederland and give myself the pats on the back that I need. One added picture is of one of my precious grandsons wearing a hat that I knit for him. He is one of the important reasons I am changing my lifestyle.


Sara said...

Your patience is already being rewarded! Way to go!

Nola said...

Fantastic!!! and you look so HAPPY:) I mentioned doing my toenails are easily pleased!! I used to have to come up for breath inbetween toes...not anymore!!
Fantastic should be very proud of yourself!!
Cute grandchild too:)