Friday, January 16, 2009

Is It the Dreaded Plateau?

Well, that is what I would deserve, if it is! I was admonishing those bandits for whining and here I am. I went to weigh in on Wednesday morning with Thomas and he had left town early because of the frigid temperatures here in balmy South Dakota. It was above 0 degrees today! So, one of the guys at the Rec and I got the scale out and calculated my weight. It was 202! I about died. Then I called Thomas yesterday and he said they allow four pounds for clothing and we had only allowed one pound so that calculates that I lost 8 ounces in a week. Now I know what you are thinking! BUT, I worked out six out of seven days and I really believe I was eating sensibly. My sister-in-law suggested that the bean soup I created last Sunday might be causing some bloating. Nice thought.
Anyway, I had already decided that if I didn't lose, I was not going to get discouraged, BUT that is a half a pound over two weeks because I didn't lose anything last week. So, take my own advice. Drink more water! I also think I will try to get in two exercise sessions on the weekends from now on.
You would think my body would be burning calories just to keep warm. One of my colleagues announced that she and her family tested the 42 degree below zero temp by spitting on the sidewalk and it froze solid in 3 seconds. Now that is SCIENCE!


Anonymous said...

Dont get discouraged.
And 4 LBS for clothing DAMN I have been cutting myself short !!! LOL
I have a rule, i dont count "gains" Until i have had a gain 3 days in a row . I only weight myself once a week but if i weighted and had a gain i would weight again the next day .
If it was there again I would do it again . If i twas not there then , I did not gain . We fluctuate so much with water weight and hormone changes ect that its ok ! honestly I dont think of a plateau unless its for several weeks. A week or 2 is "Ok" it will get going again .Hang in there, the great part about the band is , we WILL and CAN Lose this !

Lonicera said...

I so agree with MindyNTexas - it's exactly what I do! Saturday - today - is my weigh day, but I've had two poor days eating-wise (well, they had a buffet for guests at the office and over ordered, and I'm afraid we all went mad...), so won't "believe" what the scales say till at least Tuesday...

Love that scientific spitting test!!


Nola said...

I also think what Mindy said is fantastic...I am going to adopt that idea myself. She is a very wise girl that one!!
I also wish it was cold enough to spit and watch it freeze here!! lol, lol Only for one day though...just so I could conduct that experiment:)