Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Where I Blog

Nola started something. This is my desk where I blog. I added the beads to the lamp shade in one of my craftier moments. My blackberry lays close to the keyboard so I am never more than a click from the schools we serve. I have an Obama button next to the candle on the right knowing that his term may serve to brighten our country. The picture on the wall in this picture is of my oldest grandson when he was three. He is my buddy. Notice the mug. I love to drink skim milk with decaf expresso and some sugar free white chocolate flavoring. The desk was a wedding gift from my mother to my father and they were married in 1941 so it is vintage. I love it because I was very close to my dad.

My office is in the gradsons' bedroom in our home on the second floor. I painted the wall stripes a number of years ago. I love the color as it goes with the down comforter on the bed. I also made the curtains out of some cute animal panels to entertain the boys. There is a twin bed and a crib in this room to accomodate the five boys. Oldest is now 10 and youngest is 7 months. They don't all come to visit at one time.
Lastly, is the view from my desk to the hallway. The words say, Grandma's Little Angels Welcome Here. I have various pictures of all of the boys. When I get a newer one for the great room downstairs, the picture gets moved to this wall. Needless to say, my boys are pretty important to me.

Great idea, Nola. Hope this gives you a window on my life.


Anonymous said...

OH SO CUTE !! Im so jelous . My office is a NIGHT MARE we use to own a company and I still have all the "office' stuff in here. I have been saying for MONTHS I need to clean it up . Your office is so cozy .
Humm you might just have given me the inspiration i need ! Maybe i'll do that tommorow ! So cute !

Tracey said...

Hi There, so thank you for sharing. It is lovely to see personal pieces of fellow bandits and bloggers.

I LOVE your lamp!!!


Nola said...

Oh...thanks for doing this!! I love the photos:) I really like that lampshade you have on the right side of your computer too...is it leadlight?...beautiful.
I love your grandchildren wall too....how lovely to be able to look up from your computer and see them all smiling at you!!

Lonicera said...

Yes, that lamp's beautiful - and it all looks so cosy. (Just as well from what you're saying about the temperatures outside!).

Thanks for sharing.