Sunday, January 4, 2009

Oh Holy Cow

I just vented on a Yahoo users group to some real whiners. I feel cheated because they live in my area and I could benefit from some local support. But oh well, I probably won't be hearing from them again. I will share what I said because I do so believe in this. Hope I did the right thing.
Copy of my e-mail:
"I joined this group to listen and sometimes add if I felt I had something to say. I have my own blog and have some followers from around the world who are fellow bandits. We communicate regularly and I have learned much from them. With all due respect, I don't think a "fill" or "less of a fill" is the answer that some of you need. I never hear any of you talk about exercise. I go to the rec six days a week to exercise. I am a busy person, working full time, but exercise and eating correctly are two things we all have to do if we are going to be successful. The band is a tool to help us eat less not the answer to weight loss. I suppose after I vent, I should leave the group and not submit my thoughts again. I too have been thinking this group is a waste of time. Attitude is so important. I travel to Sioux Falls to the support group at Sanford because the leaders are motivational and the bandits are too. I was banded on August 27 and I have lost 44 pounds. I am not special and I am not unique. You too can lose 1 or 2 pounds a week if you exercise, use the band to tell you when you are full, and believe in the whole process. Excuses don't get you anywhere. If you have a problem with PBing and you think it is a problem, then you have a doctor that needs to hear what you have to say and you need to stop second guessing the problem. Small bites, some foods aren't tolerated, some foods are a waste of high calories and shouldn't be consumed everyday just because they taste good, and we all need to chew more and eat more slowly. I have gone on enough. Getting a lapband is a personal choice, no one made me do it. I wanted it and I will continue to have a positive attitude and surround myself with those sort of folks. If anyone is interested in some tough talk, feel free to e-mail me, otherwise I will keep my mouth shut. Sylvia"


Mom said...

I am confused..I don't understand all I need to know about Lapbands. What are "fills" and "less of a fill"? Also, PBing? Also, I say "Way to go, Sylvia!" You said what needed to be said to a group of "whiners". Hopefully, some will come around to your way to thinking and a new, special support group will be formed...

Anonymous said...

Sylvia , Is this a yahoo group from Sioux Falls or another kind of group ? Email me
Want to ask you a question about this.
As for your comments. I agree with what you said BUT fills are a MAJOR MAJOR part of the band. You can just get the band and it be useless with out the fills ( For most people).
I am one of those people who has to have restriction or I eat like a cow.
I am hungry ALL THE TIME w/ out restriction . The less restriction I have the more i eat and the hungrier I am . Like now for instance, I need a fill and I need it badly. It does not matter if i work out or eat small meals, the hunger will not go away .
The band is a tool but the tool is useless w/ out fills.

But I do understand what your saying about some people that think the band is all the need, they can eat what ever they want , still eat junk and lose weight.
I can eat what ever i want but I eat healthy foods now .
So i get what your saying.
email me !

Nola said...

I think you said that very well. I am curious it a local yahoo group?

ColoradoChick said...

I totally agree with you on the eating right and exercise. The band is only a tool.