Saturday, August 16, 2008

11 days and I am counting

I started my food journal again yesterday. I am trying to stay below 1200 calories this weekend and then on Monday I will start the liquids. Dr. Glatt doesn't ask his patients to do that but I want to be certain my liver is as small as it can get. You see, I am short! I used to be "five foot two, eyes of blue" but now I measure 5 foot 1 inch and I don't have a lot of inches between my neck and crotch. When I carried my children many years ago I can remember struggling to get air in my lungs. It won't be bad to be on liquids. Maybe I will drop a pound. I also exercised today. I rode the bike for 30 minutes and logged 8.7 miles. I was watching the Olympics so maybe I was inspired. I must admit it gets easier to bike for 30 minutes. I have been working up to more miles in that amount of time. Next, I will stretch the time to 40 minutes. That is the Doctor's goal for exercise everyday. Keeping busy on the weekend will be the key. I have quilting, knitting, and reading that I can do. Maybe I will get my Christmas gifts done early this year. I was thinking about Christmas today. I love Christmas. I love decorating our home, selecting gifts, and listening to all of the wonderful music. New Years Eve will be exactly 18 weeks from my surgery date. I wonder if I can lose 36 pounds by then? I would be very pleased to be able to do that. I also took time to eliminate all 3X clothing from my closet. Those clothes are getting a little baggy and summer is drawing to a close. I don't think I will advertise on Ebay again as those ladies last fall STOLE my clothes. One of the ladies at the meeting on Thursday said she had a rummage sale for her clothes and made $500. I guess I will have to put in the effort and do that. I know plus size clothing is expensive and I have some very nice professional clothing.

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grlarson said...

What a great blog! You go girl!!