Sunday, August 24, 2008

I Believe There are Angels Among Us

Vince and I were sitting in the sun room this morning admiring his tomato plants when the phone rang. Lo and behold, I recongized the voice immediately. It was a young woman, I won't share her name as you will understand, who worked with Vince at the cement plant. I met her first when Vince and I were dating and immediately loved her warm smile and gentle heart. She has gone through so much in life and we have watched as she celebrates 20+ years of sobriety and has found a gentle spirit to share her life. I don't think we had met him before today. As we conversed, I began to share my banding experience thus far and I made the remark that I have a fear of failure. This gentle angel walked over to my chair and knelt before me in prayer to our heavenly Father. The tears ran down both of our faces as we embraced. Now I ask you, did not God bring her and her husband to town today to come and visit us and touch my life with His spirit? If she has faced an addiction and walks each day in faith, then I believe I can also succeed. Thank you Lord for placing this person in our lives and sending this angel to enliven my spirit.

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